Chromozone DNS system and Fingers NMF

On September 27, 2009, in Projects, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

Fingers Network Management Framework was developed by Andrew Boyd  along with a bit of graphics work that I helped with. He came asking me to build his first usable module for fingers. Chromozone DNS was that module.Fingers NMF


Chromozone DNS is a full featured web frontend to Power DNS and MYSQL. It also manages the replication process between master Sql server and the slaves that ran the DNS servers. The system is versy fault talerant and preformed very well during trials with aload of 1000 domains and a average hourly hit rate of 7 to 10 thousand queries.


Chromozone provides all control over remote DNS servers both from control of the DNS server services and the MySql server service. It  detects a failure and correct them with a click of the button.

Chromozone provides a daily backup of the zones so you could worry about other things and not if backups were being done.

We are going to complete the work on Fingers soon and a beta release will be available.

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