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AOF adds VBScript created for BBWin External testing to it’s library


Microsoft Networking Information Overload
What a name! The MOAB of network information this jewel of a script dumps out all sorts of good information to have at your finger tips.

In this version there is only one status of green so you can’t place a notification on this test but it does provide some really good data to have at your finger tips.

It provides:

All IP, Wins and DNS information
The System name, domain name and current logged in user
All Network Login Profiles
Dump of your routing table
All Network Clients Installed
Host Proxy Server Information
All Network Adapter Configuration Properties


defrag checks each fixed drive on the host and reports back a status of yellow if any drive needs defraging.

Else if all drives report no defrag needed the status is green.

The report shows up as a “System Dot” called “defrag” and you can assign alert notifications to this test. Currently the test only reports a status of yellow or green. there is no red status in this test.


PWRmgt confirms the current power management setting and any power supply alarms and reports the information back to the AOF server.

This does include status changes, Green, Yellow and Red based on the nature of the issues.

This test creates a “System DOT” called “PWRmgt” on the AOF display and can be used to set alert notifications to.

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