I’ve created 2 new VB scripts to use with AOF and BBWin’s External test functions. These scripts were tested on BBwin 0.12 and AOF Beta and work great!

[RePing] Ping multiple internal host addresses

Provides the ability to ping multiple host behind a firewall or other device, Great is you need to test to see if a Wireless AP is up or if a network printer is available. There are many systems that do not run a agent that you can ping to see if they are up and running. This all gets reported back to the AOF servers and placed as a “System Dot” called “RePing”. If a host fails to will change status. You can use this to get remote notifications of failures by placing a alert notification rule to the test.

See Script file

[Wares] List All Installed Software on AOF server (BBDisplay)

Wares.vbs is a visual basics script used to upload a list of installed software on a windows host.  In version one we are sending just the data, no status changes are happening. Version 2 will have the ability to alert if apps are added or removed.

See VB Script

These were developed to be used with www.alertonfailures.com  free system monitoring and management services but the scripts will work just fine with any XYmon server or BBDisplay server.

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