Kaseya 2 Agent procedures and free scripts

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Do you run Kaseya RMM and need some free scripts?

Here is a compilation of scripts I have created for Kaseya to do different tasks, feel free to use them but keep in mind there is no guarantee. Use at your own discretion!

# Blackberry Enterprise Server ( BES ) server services restart script.

This script uploads a bat file “Blackberry_Restart.bat” that stops and restarts the Blackberry Enterprise server services in the correct order they need to be done. It the writes a event log entry to the local application event log on windows and then to the script log in Kaseya. Lastly it sends a email to help desk to let them know it ran. Download the zip file, unzip and import the XML file into Kaseya then upload the bat file to your public side Kaseya.


# Retrieve IE History

Use this script to collect a logged in users IE history. When the boss wants to know what a users been surfing you can run this against the system and have it email all the links the user has gone to.

This script uploads and executes a VB scrpt (iehistory2.vbs) on the remote system that uses NirSoft’s IE History View utility (iehv.exe) to dump IE URL history addresses for all user profiles on the system into a text file (history.txt). The contents of the text file are then captured into a Kaseya variable and emailed to an address or addresses specified in STEP 7.  Download the zip file, unzip and import xml file in to scripts on Kaseay server then upload the vb script and iehv.exe to Kaseya public file store. Edit the Kaseya script at line item 7 and place in your email address.


# VMware VCenter Health Check

The script grabs the basic state of things on your VMware ESX VCenter VSphere server and posts an HTML file to the “get file” area in Kaseya KLC. It uses a PowerTools Shell to collect the data and create the file. Download the zip, unzip and import the XML file it scripts. Upload the ps1 file to Kaseya Public folder and then edit script and locate the file in script and save script. This will update the script with the location of where you saved the ps1 file.

VMWare VCenter Health Check

#Windows Systems CCleaner Script

This script is a great tool for cleaning of temp files and caches from a users profile on any Windows system. The script looks at the system and determines if it is 64 bit or 32 bit, then it downloads the correct ccleaner.exe file and runs it against the system. In auto mode this script does not clean the registry so it is safe to schedule and run on a regular bases. This works on all 32 and 64 it windows including Windows 2008 R2. A user must be logged in for script to run on users profile.


Look for more of my scripts here on Squidworks.net



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4 Responses to “Kaseya 2 Agent procedures and free scripts”

  1. gerard says:

    How can I get some more scripts?

  2. Leon M says:

    This script won’t work in windows 7 unless you make the following change in iehistory2.vbs:

    on row 120 replace

    iehvCommand = iehvProgram & ” /stabular “”” & inputFile & “”” -folder ” & “””” & objItem & “\Local Settings\History” & “”””


    iehvCommand = iehvProgram & ” /stabular “”” & inputFile & “”” -user ” & “””” & objItem & “”””

  3. Leon M says:

    Correction. Although this will generate output, IEHV.exe is not capable of dealing with windows 7, and thus will only show you the data of the current logged in user, regardless, even if you use -allprofiles 1 option.

  4. adrian says:

    Retrieve IE History

    this only gives the url has no date or time web site was viewed

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