If DNS resolves a users system and that system is no longer at that IP then you may see a Event ID 10009 in the systems event logs. Check DNS for duplicate entries first…  If you have the same computer name in DNS twice with 1 IP being correct and IP not, remove the wrong IP address.

This was a recurring error regarding a particular laptop on our network. This computer had not actually been on the network in months, but the error was showing up every thirty minutes in ten-error bursts.

What I eventually realized was that a laptop was not on the network but a Iphone had taken the IP address that was last associated with the laptop. However, nothing in DHCP showed anything out of order.

Finally I took a look in DNS, and sure enough there was an entry for that laptop associated with the IP address of the Iphone.

Seemingly, DCOM saw something at that IP address and was trying to communicate with it as if it were the laptop. Once I had deleted the laptop from the DNS the error was no longer appearing.

If you are seeing DCOM related to a computer that is NOT currently on the network, this might offer a fix.

I hope this helps someone out there


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