When using GoDaddy UCC certificate with Exchange 2010 there are some termoil on how best to do it. Here is my quick how to on using the UCC Certificates with Exchange 2010.

You shoul edit the powershell command below to reflect your domain name and sub names. Remove all Squidworks.net from the command and insert your domain and sub domain names.

Set-Content -path “c:\temp\squidworks_net.csr” -Value (New-ExchangeCertificate -GenerateRequest -KeySize 2048 -SubjectName “c=us, s=Florida, l=Melbourne, o=Squidworks, ou=IT, cn=squidworks.net” -DomainName mail.squidworks.net, autodiscover.squidworks.net, mail -PrivateKeyExportable $True)

Now we need to run the command in the Exchange Management Shell:

  1. Login to your Exchange 2010 server
  2. Click Start > Programs > Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 > Exchange Management Shell
  3. Paste the New-ExchangeCertificate command into the Exchange Management Shell and press Enter
  4. Your CSR file will appear in c:\temp.

    You can copy that text by opening this file with notepad, and then highlighting the entire body of text, including the Begin and End Certificate Request tags then pasting the text in the CSR area inside of GoDaddy’s Cert request process.

Once Godaddy issues the new cert we will need to import that back in to Exchange.  To Import the file you will need to copy the crt file from GoDaddy to your Exchange server then run the following command in the Exchange Power Shell.

Import-ExchangeCertificate -FileData ([Byte[]]$(Get-Content -Path c:\temp\squidworks.net.crt -Encoding byte -ReadCount 0)) | Enable-ExchangeCertificate -Services “IIS”

In this command we are registering it for the IIS services, afterwards we will go in and modify it replacing the current cert with this one. To do this we open the Exchange Console selecting Server Configuration. In this view we should see the new certification in the “Exchange Certification Tab”. Select this new cert and in the far right panel select “Assign Services to Certificate” Then follow the wizard and select the IMAP,POP and SMTP services. I should ask you once you select finish if you want to replace cert 1 with cert 2. Look at the dates and make sure it is the correct expire date.

Afterwards pull up your exchange server using SSL (https://) and see if your new GoDaddy Cert is being used.

Your all done..



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