[Solved] NTFRS – Journal Wrap Errors detected on Domain Controller

On September 9, 2011, in How-to, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

File Replication Service has detected that the replica set “DOMAIN SYSTEM VOLUME (SYSVOL SHARE)” is in JRNL_WRAP_ERROR

Are you getting this error in your File Replication Service?

The File Replication Service has detected that the replica set “DOMAIN SYSTEM VOLUME (SYSVOL SHARE)” is in JRNL_WRAP_ERROR.
Replica root path is : “c:\windows\sysvol\domain”
Replica root volume is :
A Replica set hits JRNL_WRAP_ERROR when the record that it is trying to read from the NTFS USN journal is not found. This can occur because of one of the following reasons.
[1] Volume “\\.\C:” has been formatted.
[2] The NTFS USN journal on volume “\\.\C:” has been deleted.
[3] The NTFS USN journal on volume “\\.\C:” has been truncated. Chkdsk can truncate the journal if it finds corrupt entries at the end of the journal.
[4] File Replication Service was not running on this computer for a long time.
[5] File Replication Service could not keep up with the rate of Disk IO activity on
Setting the “Enable Journal Wrap Automatic Restore” registry parameter to 1 will cause the following recovery steps to be taken to automatically recover from this error state.

This is caused when the Sysvol gets currupted and is simple to fix. I will walk you through the steps.

First off before we do anything lets backup by taking a Shadow Copy of the C: Drive. To do this we will open MyComputer and select the C:Drive, right click it and select properties. Now find the ShadowCopy Tab, highlight the C: Drive and click the “Create Now” button to create a backup point on the drive. You do not need to “Enable” ShadowCopy to take a 1 time snapshot.

Now that we have a backup point to go to if all hell breaks loose we can safely move on to the next step. Open up  REGEDIT and navigate to the RegKey -> System\CurrentControlSet\Services\NtFrs\Parameters and create a new REG_DWORD key called Enable Journal Wrap Automatic Restore and place a 1 as the hex value.

Now launch a Command window(DOS) and run the following commands:



This will then cause the following to appear in your File Replication Service Event Log:

The File Replication Service is deleting this computer from the replica set “DOMAIN SYSTEM VOLUME (SYSVOL SHARE)” as an attempt to recover from the error state,
Error status = FrsErrorSuccess
At the next poll, which will occur in 5 minutes, this computer will be re-added to the replica set. The re-addition will trigger a full tree sync for the replica set.

This will be followed by the following Event Log:

File Replication Service is scanning the data in the system volume. Computer MyDomainServer cannot become a domain controller until this process is complete. The system volume will then be shared as SYSVOL.

This will be followed by the following Event Log:

 The File Replication Service moved the preexisting files in c:\windows\sysvol\domain to c:\windows\sysvol\domain\NtFrs_PreExisting___See_EventLog.

Now we need to wait a bit and allow the replication to complete. This has taken anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes for me based on server and what is being replicated. You will know it is complete when you get the Event Log:

The File Replication Service is no longer preventing the computer MyDomainController from becoming a domain controller. The system volume has been successfully initialized and the Netlogon service has been notified that the system volume is now ready to be shared as SYSVOL.

Once you get this log your replication is complete and the Journal Wrap issues are fixed. We now need to go back to REGEDIT and change the entry we placed in there from a 1 to a 0.

You are all done.

May this help someone out there..


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  1. Steve says:

    Thanks, Cubert. Worked like a charm.


  2. Jeffers says:

    Hey Cubert,
    Thanks! I’ve been chasing this issue all day and your site really helped out. I was getting “The File Replication Service is having trouble enabling replication from “, event ID 13508, source NtFrs on our new Small Business Server 2011 Essentials Edition that we are migrating from our Small Business Server 2003 that had the above error. I finally stumbled on your page and it appears to have worked.
    Thanks again,

  3. RP says:

    Thanks, Cutbert, worked great.

  4. Izi says:

    Thanks! almost 48 hours of network issues just solved with this article and 10 minutes.

    Had a replication problem between SBS2003 and 2008R2 due to this JRNL_WRAP_ERROR.

  5. Andre says:

    That felt so good to finally resolve this issue. It was causing the intial replication to my newly promoted 2008 Domain Controller to not happen because my old Server 2003 DC was not adevertising and failing with the following error, “SERVER IS NOT RESPONDING or IS NOT CONSIDERED SUITABLE”.

    Thanks Again Cube!

  6. Jacques says:

    Thank you – Thank you!!!!
    We have been sitting here over this long weekend with literally no sleep, trying to resolve this, with no help on any of Microsoft’s pages, and being misled by their instructions to fix this the entire evening.

    You da man!
    After reading this article and doing it we finally have some success.
    We were experiencing this error, and sitting with a second domain controller that doesn’t want to advertise itself. Our other controller’s event log was filled up with Journal Wrap Errors.

    After doing this, all our domain issues were resolved, and finally we can start doing what we initially planned to.
    Thank you once again from Newcastle, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

  7. Jacques says:

    Dude, if I just knew where you lived, I would have sent you a bottle of Scotch.

    I can’t believe MS is going on about keeping “enable Journal Wrap Automatic Restore = 0”, and winding about “non authoritive Restores”, and only supporting 2003 x86. We did what you told us on 2003 X64 with success!

  8. hong says:

    o man, u really save my day, i had solving this problem for week. THANKS buddy 🙂

  9. Cubert says:

    Well guys, I felt you pain. It took me 2 days to finally stamp out that error so I understand.

    Glad my efforts are helping so many

  10. Flap says:

    Solved my problem as well! I was holding my breath since this error had been going on for a while but my GPOs and Logon Scripts are finally replicating to the rest of the DCs. Thanks, Duder!

  11. WQ in MI says:

    You sir, are a hero among men! Thank you for saving me a wasted evening of Mirosoft KB “fixes”. I will do my best to play your kindness forward!

  12. omid says:

    i have this problem but
    my second domain is failed
    my first domain has this error

    when i change this parameter my sysvol has gone and never shared again.
    because i have not another dc for replication.
    what can i do?plz helpppppppppppp

  13. Paul says:

    Thanks real life saver.


  14. Gianpy69 says:

    Thanks. I was problem in SBS2003 to Win2008 r2 migration because sysvol and netlogon directory was not present on win2008. With this trick all it’s ok. Thank you very much my saver.

  15. The Lad says:

    Thank you! My new 2008 R2 DC hadn’t replicated since February and I never noticed until it was clear that my site wasn’t receiving any Group Policy updates being pushed out on a group-wide level. I spent about 2 hours today diagnosing FRS (which all came back clear) before considering that SYSVOL was stuffed. This worked like a charm, thanks again dude

  16. Danny Newton says:

    THANK YOU!!!!

    Iv just taken on my first 2003 – 2008r2 migration and hit a problem with file replication. I was stumped! untill i came accross your brilliant post. Really appreciate you going to the effort of making such a helpfull post. And helping me move forward with this. Cheers


  17. […] are in Journal Wrap you’re now ready to begin the process of repairing it. Hop on over here http://www.squidworks.net/2011/09/ntfrs-journal-wrap-errors-detected-on-domain-controller/ for the how-to guide on repairing this […]

  18. Matthew says:

    Excellent info. Really appreciate the post, thanks very much!!!

  19. Cedric says:

    Thanks man, it helped me! the time you’ve spend to publish this really was worth it!

  20. Ben says:

    You rock! Thanks for this great tutorial! 🙂

  21. Simon R says:

    Great post just dug me out of a whole, was having issues with a GPO saying it was corrupt, after going through the event logs noticed the journal wrap error, many thanks.

  22. Sam says:

    Watch out for the Tombstone Lifetime which is 60 days by default on Windows 2003 pre SP1 I think.

    If your DC has been in Journal Wrap Errors for a long time (60 days +) This wont work – I tried it. Your best option in that case is: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290762

    Burflags D4

  23. Rich says:

    This is fantastic, thanks tons!

  24. NETSECDEV says:

    Cubert, thanks a whole lot!

  25. Don says:

    If this is ran on a domain controller that that has no replication partner it will wipe out the sysvol folder and will di the hole deeper for people like omid. You need to be specific in that you need a healthy dc to replicate from.

  26. Adnan says:

    I really appreciate the effort you put into making such an easy to follow guide. It worked like a charm. I was struggling with this frsv rep error for the past 2 days. You have saved me time in an effort for an insane search to get this error away. You are the best! and yes keep up the good work. Regards.

  27. Don says:

    There is no reply to my statement or to Omid who has been stuck since June or has found an answer elsewhere.

  28. Cubert says:

    Funny, I just had to use this post again on another client this week. I still do not see anything on Google other than my post here that helps repair the issue. I see alot of people talking about the problem and some even trying to explain why it happens but now on how to fix is less than 2 minutes..

    This post is by far the best post about subject on the net…

    Party on!!

  29. Juan says:

    Thank you. Helped me with the replication issue of the sysvol and netlogon shares. One step closer to decommissioning our old SBS 2003 server.

  30. Steve says:

    I used this before on a 2003 domain controller. It seemed to go okay. But then I found that Microsoft KB292438 says it does NOT recommend this method, but instead we should use the procedure in KB290762:


  31. Prakash K says:

    Hi, I have windows 2000 server which give same error message. my primary is 2003 server which works fine, if I do above mentioned changes, will my 2000 server back to normal ?

  32. Prakash K says:

    My server is Windows 2000 Server with SP4. please guid me.

  33. Cubert says:

    Haha, I am using this post yet again. I used this process 15 times now since writing in. I should really pay my self for documenting this process…

  34. Prakash K says:

    Cubert, do you have any update on my querty, it will work for windows 2000 server?.

  35. Matt says:

    Thanks!!!! Works fine on Windows2003.

    Funciono de perillas…

  36. Eric says:

    Hi Cubert, I am having this problem in my DC server windows server 2003. But I have no idea what actually this problem occurs. I am very afraid on doing any settings to recover by following your blog although everyone here say it work great as I afraid this will curse other problem in my server. So can you mr cubert please explain to me on this error? Or any things will go wrong if i do the settings follow ur blog?

    p/s: Sorry because i am just a newbie in window server and in my office there are only one domain server and another one file-svr. I very afraid on doing any settings in server.

  37. Cubert says:

    Well, in my case a user got a virus that went and set the attributes of all the SYSVOL and NETVOL files as hidden and read only then started to encrypt files. This was allowed because user was an exec and for some reason was given domain admin privs..

    This corrupted the replication service and this error was tossed. We had cleaned viruse weeks earlier but kept seeing this in the logs.

    We found this works well and is fairly quick. Do not do both DC’s in a duel inviroment at the same time. You may loose your AD and have to recover from backup.

    This is a good time to repeat the obvious! Before making any changes to a AD server make a full system backup and if running a VMware take a snapshot first!

    Then if anything goes south just roll back and try again.

    My simple answer to your question is this removes the currupted files in sysvol and netvol including any subdirectories and replaces them with a version in memory which is not currupted. Then retries the replication of files to other AD servers. If successfule the logs will show it as I have.reported in my original how to.

    This is 100% safe if you have a full system state backup. 8~)

  38. Karen Marks says:

    Hi team: In my case, My primary is 2003 server and secondary is windows 2000 server with SP4. I am getting this event 13568 in 2000 server. VSS is not there in windows 2000 server. also I have few entries of old domain controllers (currently not a live domain) along with 2003 domain in site and services.
    Also I noticed that I do not have the below listed value in 2000 server registry.
    Enable Journal Wrap Automatic Restore
    Please help.

  39. Cubert says:

    Karen, You can add the key to the registry and then set it’s value. With that said you may want to consider upgrading 2K server to 2K3 and then setting domain to higher function level. Remove all rouge DC servers and domains from AD.

    Sounds like you may have more issues then just a Journal Wrap

  40. Magadi says:

    where we need to change the register setting ,( 2003 or 2008 R2 server)

  41. Cubert says:

    On the system reporting the Journel Wrap error, Most likely your 2008 server.

  42. Mike Poole says:

    worked a treat, many many thanks for this!

  43. Joe says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Wow…that was stressing me out. 😉

  44. Bryan says:

    I have this happening on a 2008 R2 server that an install of antivirus went south. On my network 3 of my 4 domain controllers are windows 2008 R2 the other one is a server 2012. I was wondering if this will work in that type of a setup. All of my server except for this one are running fine.

  45. JJ says:

    Thx…helped me today! <

  46. Z says:

    This worked a treat on my windows 2003 SP2 server.

  47. ST says:

    After apply your given instruction. we have recive event id 13508. kindly advise

  48. Dave Bosley says:


    Thanks. I need to do this on a Domain Controller in a Domain that contains a single DC. (I know, I know, One DC is bad. But, It’s not my call.)

    Is there anything ‘Special’ I need to worry about? (Other than no Replication Partners.)

  49. AK says:

    not that I want to be a jerk in here , it’s a nice post with all screenshots and I appreciate any technical person who blogs his/her experiences. but I feel sorry for people who researched 48 hours to find this solution. Com’on folks !!! this is already logged in windows eventllog 13568 with full instructions of how to modify the registry and all that . everything in detail . you should have just scrolled down a little bit !!!

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