[Solved]-Remote Web Workplace will not connect to my computer.

On September 20, 2011, in How-to, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

You have a user that has a  Home  (Windows 7 Home) or Work (Windows 7 Pro) Computer

When using remote web workplace they selects connect to my computer, picks their computer from the list and then it never makes it past this point. There is a error icon displayed in the lower progress bar area of the browser.

Running IE as a administrator they are able to use RWW just fine.

The user is an administrator on the computer. IE9 has been removed and replaced with IE8 same results.

Windows firewall is off,  We have tried with the firewall on and off, makes no difference.  We have added RWW site to the trusted site and relaxed all the active security settings for the trusted site, same result. The browser add-ons show the Microsoft rdp active control is installed when in IE both as an admin and just launching it normally so what could be hanging us up?

Well you will find that your UAC is on and one of the results of this being active is that Active X functions are suppressed. Just turn off UAC and the problem will go away.

Go to your start button and in the search window type “UAC”. It will launch the UAC Control and allow you to change the settings



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3 Responses to “[Solved]-Remote Web Workplace will not connect to my computer.”

  1. itbean says:

    Did you ever think about just tweaking the ActiveX settings in IE instead of turning off a major security feature?

  2. Gravybiscuit says:

    That solved my problem. Thank you so much!!!

  3. kturner says:

    UAC is not a major security feature. Unless you consider user error a major security concern, of course.

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