Customer Experience Improvement Program data fails to upload.

This alert is generated when a failure to upload the CEIP data to Microsoft fails on servers where you opted to be included in the CEIP. This is usually a firewall issue but sometimes admins may also have inatvertantly select to be included and really don’t want to be. To fix this or really turn it off you will find the task in the Task Scheduler under the Customer Experience Improvement Program.


1.Click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Task Scheduler.
2.In the tree pane, open Task Scheduler Library, open Microsoft, open Windows, and then select Customer Experience Improvement Program.
3.In the results pane, Right Click the Uploader task and select to disable.

This will prevent the task from running and stop any more alerts.




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4 Responses to “[Solved] A problem prevented Customer Experience Improvement Program data from being sent to Microsoft, (Error 80004005).”

  1. Ahmed says:


  2. Ahmed says:


  3. Ron says:

    Thanks for the fix..

  4. Thomas Clark says:

    Or consider removing permission to even run the Customer Experience Improvement Program.
    Actually when you install Windows, it asks you to participate in Customer Experience Improvement Program.

    If you allowed this program to collect information or don’t know whether the program is collecting information or not, here is the way to know or disallow it to collect information:

    1. Open Start menu and type Customer Experience Improvement Program in search box.

    2. It’ll show it in search results. Click on it to launch its Settings.

    3. Now select “No, I don’t want to participate in the program.” option and click on “Save Changes” button.


    4. That’s it. It’ll stop collecting your information.

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