How to force the Offline address book to update in Microsoft Outlook

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How to force the address book to update
When a new email account is created in Exchange it will not normally appear in the address book of others until the following day. This procedure shows how to force newly created accounts to be visible in the address book:

1.Force an address list update on the Exchange server
2.Pull down the address list in Outlook.

Force an address list update on the Exchange server
1.On the server running Exchange, open Exchange System Manager.
2.Expand “Recipients”.
3.Select “Offline Address Lists”
In the default configuration there will only be one offline address list shown in the right hand pane – “Default Offline Address List”. If other address lists have been created then they will also be listed.
4.Right click the address list to update (typically “Default Offline Address List”) and select “Rebuild”

A message will be shown warning that this may take a long time depending on the number of recipients in the domain. Allow it to rebuild the offline address list.
Pull down the address list in Outlook
This needs to be done on each pc running outlook which requires the latest address book:

1.Start up Outlook.
2.Tools → Send/Receive → Download Address Book…
3.On the “Offline Address Book” dialog click [OK]



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