So you may have a Windows 2003 server or servers that after installing the agents, configuring permissions and setting system to Protect on your core keeps failing to grab the first snapshot from your system.

This is quite common in Windows 2003 but may see it in 2008 as well. The issue is that the Winsock is messed up. Download and run LSPFix.exe on the client system and restart the agent services afterwards. Then go back to the core and select to force new snapshot to start the download. You should see the system start the download with in 5 minutes and no more errors in events.

 I am using Replay version 4.7.2 at the time of this post

Error that may show up when fix is needed:

Logger: tevolib.txtrack
Context: PG=VolsWithInterval60Minutes Volume=\\?\Volume{741d2f02-3eb0-11dd-8e1a-806e6f6e6963}\ DriveLetter=C:
Source Location: TransmissionTracking.cpp:115
Transmission of volume ‘C:’ started when another transmission of that volume is already in progress

Logger: tevoSource.snapshotHandler
Context: PG=VolsWithInterval60Minutes Volume=\\?\Volume{741d2f02-3eb0-11dd-8e1a-806e6f6e6963}\ DriveLetter=C:
Source Location: SnapshotHandler.cpp:992
Transfer failed on volume: C: Epoch: 204 Target: CNSCOLO-BDR Port: 8001 – Unspecified error

Logger: exceptions.seh
Context: PG=VolsWithInterval60Minutes
Source Location: exceptions\SehHandler.cpp:151
Encountered a serious error EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION.  Exception dump logged to C:\Documents and Settings\cns\Application Data\AppAssure\ErrorDump-TevoSource.exe-2012-02-28-11-43-41-0625-41.dmp.bz2



Cubert 😎

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  1. Akim says:

    Hi Cubert,

    I’m in the process of selecting two backup software for to propose to our customers. I thought of Commvault, BackupExec, Appassure and Atempo Time Navigator… Commvault suffer a bad reputation for exchange. Atempo seems not that interesting nor popular. Backup Exec is one of the most popular… And now, Appassure looks like a challenger. It was totally unknown in switzerland until Dell bought it.

    May I ask you how you came to use Appassure, and what is your impression on it ?

    If you could send me an email to answer that I would appreciate 🙂



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