Kaseya YouTube Me Script Plays Youtube videos on desktop inside a player.

Here is a script that carries a warning, Use Wisely… I am not responsible for misuse! If you play porn on the bosses PC why he is in a meeting with the board of directors I am not liable for your termination and or execution depending on the boss…

Now with that disclaimer said here is what I made for you. This script will “based on the OS installed” (Windows) copies a portable version of VLC to c:\temp and runs it with a URL as a option or (Mac OSX) Downloads a DMG of VLC and installes it if not found already on system and then runs the same URL.

The URL is a cartoon of a stick guy beating himself to death while a stupid song plays in the backgrond. It will pop up on the desktop of the user logged in and if the speakers are up it may be a jolt!

Here are the files you will need

The script -> Procedure YouTube Me

WIndow Portable VLC -> Windows VLC

Mac OSX VLC (dmg)    vlc.2.0.1 

Download all 3 files and upload the VLC files to your VSA SharedFiles Folder. Edit script after importing it into Kaseya and make sure you do not have any red lines in code. If so you may have file location issues, check where you uploaded VLC files. Post here any good YouTube URL to use for script.

Have fun

Cubert 😎

















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    Hi Cubert
    You’ve got some great content on this site.
    I was wondering if you would be interested in cross promoting both our sites. I think both our readers would benifit greatly from both sites.
    We have a site http://www.ayesak.com which is controlled by Kaseya End Users, not for profit. I’d love to post a link to your site and add your scripts to our script search with credit and links to your site.
    Anyone is free to post content, scripts, monitoring sets, and even reviews of kaseya related products and modules on our site.

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