Everytime you try to run the Windows Updater you always get the message  “Windows can’t update important files and services while the system is using them.  Save any open files and restart the computer, and try to check for new updates.“   This is caused by a Registry Key that has not been removed after a previous update.

There is… Continue reading

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The place to go when you want to ride motorcycles





Squidworks.net starts development on a National Harley Davidson Riders Community.

Whether it’s a joyride or a long haul, cruising the U.S Highways on a Hog is an activity that only… Continue reading



So you want to access your VMware ESX 5 host over SNMP? Here is the quick steps to get Dell OpenManage and SNMP on your ESX 5 host up and running fast.  You will need the VIB’s from Dell, also will need to download and install the VMware CLI client for accessing ESX hosts from remote… Continue reading

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From the skunk works here at Squidworks.net comes the ConnectWise Callers widget for the Digium SwitchVox PBX switchboard.  The ConnectWise Callers Widget queries your Connectwise database for information about inbound callers calling in to your SwitchVox PBX. When a phone number is picked up from the caller ID it is then used to query the contact and company tables inside… Continue reading


Kaseya Agent Procedure – Local Admin Audit

On June 1, 2012, in Scripting, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

Cubert has created another simple auditing script for Kaseya Agent procedures. This script grabs all the users and groups in the Local Administrators Group of any Windows system and saves then to a file on the Kserver. Every time the script runs it will upload and compare the files for differences. If it finds that a user or group was added… Continue reading

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