From the skunk works here at comes the ConnectWise Callers widget for the Digium SwitchVox PBX switchboard.  The ConnectWise Callers Widget queries your Connectwise database for information about inbound callers calling in to your SwitchVox PBX. When a phone number is picked up from the caller ID it is then used to query the contact and company tables inside Connectwise. If it finds a match then it queries for key information about the caller including what company they are associated with and any personal information kept in the contact database.


The widget collects:

  1. Callers full name
  2. Callers Title
  3. Company Name
  4. Nick Name
  5. Married Flag
  6. Spouse’s Name
  7. Children Flag
  8. Children Info
  9. Anniversary Date
  10. Hobbies

Of course this all relies on your database being complete and accurate, ConnectWise provides the table and the ability to add and edit this information within your company contacts area. Using this widget to query this information as fast as you can pick up the phone allows you to be heads up on your caller, making calls more personal and closing sales.  The best part is it’s free!

Download ConnectWiseCallers here –> Connectwise-Callers-switchboard

The download zip file contains a single php file and 2 images. Extract all files to the same directory inside a web server that is accessible from your SwitchVox PBX .  Your web server can be Windows or Linux but must be able to use (mssql_connect) to access Microsoft SQL servers (ConnectWise Database). If you are using Linux and need some help getting MSSQL working with Apache and PHP then see my how-to post  and you should be up and running within minutes. You will need to edit the ConnectwiseCallers.php file between line 48 and 52. Edit the following lines to reflect your ConnectWise Database and user access to database.

//Connectwise Database access
$cwuser = “ConnectwiseUser”;             <— Your Connectwise SQL User
$cwpass = “ConnectWisePass”;             <— Your SQL Password
$cwdb = “cwwebapp_companyDB”;   <— Your Connectwise Database name
$cwserver = “”;  <— Your SQL server address

You will need to log into the SwitchVox Admin area and add the Custom panel. Goto the Tools menu and select Switchboard Panels, You should see the following:

Select the Custom Switchboard Panels tab from the admin and then select Create Custom Panel button.


  1. Panel Name = ConnectWise Callers
  2. Panel Description = Queries inbound callers for Connectwise information
  3. Panel URL = http://yourWebServerAddress/switchboard/ConnectwiseCallers.php?NAME=%CALLER_ID_NAME%&NUMBER=%CALLER_ID_NUMBER%&EXT=%EXTENSION%&LOAD=%FIRST_LOAD%
  4. Select the extensions you want to allow access to widget


Save Custom panel and launch your Switchboard, once the switchboard loads select your new panel from the add panel menu. You should get a ConnectWise Callers Image in you panel if it is accessible and your URL is correctly addressed. The panel should start out looking like this:


This is version 1 of the widget, we will be looking at expanding the widget in the next versions to allow you to edit the information so you can update you customers contacts on the fly. If you have ideas on data or features you would like to see in the next versions of the widget feel free to post your comments here and we will see if we can add them into the widget.


Cubert 😎


7 Responses to “Free Digium SwitchVox ConnectWise Switchboard Widget aka (ConnectWise Callers)”

  1. glch21 says:

    I’m having some issues getting this to pull data from my database. The errors I keep getting in my Switchboard are along the lines of:

    “A error occured: SELECT [dbo].[Company].[Company_RecID], [dbo].[Contact_Communication].[description], [dbo].[Contact].[First_Name], [dbo].[Contact]….”

    After some troubleshooting, I’m pretty confident it’s because the widget isn’t accessing my database at all (if I muck up my settings, I get the same error). Have you got any pointers? I had to installed PHP 5.2, and then manually download the ntwdblib.dll which goes with php_mssql.dll. Also, this is on SQLServer 2008. Should I update to PHP 5.3 and use Microsoft’s php_sqlsrv_53_nts.dll?

  2. Shannon Anderson says:

    Ok I have uploaded a new zip with version 1.1, This should work for you all now if you have the same SQL table structures.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do you have a version that uses the CW API’s so Cloud users can use this too?

  4. Neal Collins says:

    This is great, thank you for making this available. I have used a Switchvox system for a long time but just started with Connectwise last year.

    I loaded the files on one of my Windows servers and configured the panel on the switchvox system. I configured the database connection strings in the php file too.

    When I go into Switchboard and call in, the panel just shows loading. I never get that initial screen either. I am not a web guy by nature but I can browse to that page through a web browser. Does this still work with the current versions of Connectwise and do you have any ideas why this might not be loading for me?


  5. Charles says:

    Does this work with Connectwise cloud?

  6. I would be willing to pay to have this modified to work with Connectwise cloud.

  7. Eric says:

    I think I am overlooking something here. I have downloaded the zip file, and see 3 files (2 jpg files, 1 php file). I don’t see where the ConnectwiseCallers.php file is located. Please advise. Thanks.

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