So you want to access your VMware ESX 5 host over SNMP? Here is the quick steps to get Dell OpenManage and SNMP on your ESX 5 host up and running fast.  You will need the VIB’s from Dell, also will need to download and install the VMware CLI client for accessing ESX hosts from remote. For the SNMP setups below we are using a generic password inside of quotes(“password”) you should remove the quotes and place the root password of the esx host where you see the quoted password text. We also are setting up SNMP to send traps to, you will need to change this to any host you want to receive traps. You will need to replace the server IP address with the address of your ESX5 host. If you use network monitoring applications like Cacti, Nagios, Munin or Ganglia then this is just what you need to start capturing network statistics and graphs.


Steps  to install OpenManage.

  1. Downloaded OpenManage VIB from Dell
  2. Uploaded VIB to ESX host and placed in /var/log/vmware/
  3. SSH to host as root
  4. ran command esxcli software vib install -d /var/log/vmware/
  5. After software install, I rebooted the host.

Steps to configure SNMP

  1. Started vmWare CLI
  2. –server –username root –password “password” -c public
  3. –server –username root –password “password” -t
  4. –server –username root –password “password” -E
    Current SNMP agent settings:
    Enabled  : 1
    UDP port : 161
    Communities :
    Notification targets :
    Options :

Openmanage Web Interface:

  1. Download OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node
  2. Navigate to https://localhost:1311, type in ESX host IP address, login and password.
  3. You should be able to view the all the good stuff like “Main System Chassis”, Software, Storage


I hope this helps someone out there in cyber space!

Cubert 😎

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