Blank e-mail bodies being sent from Outlook when Save and Send feature is used.

Are you having  strange problems where  on occasion a random contact in outlook will disappear from your contacts but you can still see that contact on your IPhone or when users create Word documents, then select “save and send,” “send via e-mail” then “send as attachment.”  They then write a short note in the body of the e-mail and send it but the e-mail comes through with the attachment but without the short note in the body.  If you change the message text to “Plain Text” instead of “HTML” then it works fine.

This issue might be caused by  update KB 2553248 for Outlook. There is a problem with the “Save & Send” feature with builds of Outlook (14.0.6117.5001 MSO 14.0.6112.5000) from the update 2553248.  This specific problem results in blank e-mail bodies being sent from Outlook, only when the “Save & Send” feature is used from another Office application.

Remove the update and see if it helps.

1.       Go to Start and then click Control Panel.

2.       Click on Programs and Features.

3.       On the left side menu, click on View installed updates.

4.       In the list of updates, locate and click update 2553248, and then click Uninstall.


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