[Kaseya Agent Procedure] VMWare ESXi Hardware Health Monitor

On November 16, 2012, in Scripting, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

VMWare ESXi Hardware Health Monitor Script

From the skunk works here at Squidworks comes another great monitoring script for Kaseya.



This script uses the SDK provided by VMWare to query the  ESX host and return a good or bad variable.  If the hardware test fails then the script grabs the log of the test and uploads it to Kaseya Server then places it under the “Get File” area for the host that ran the test. You can run this script on any windows box, I have also included the current vSphere SDK installer and a Kaseya script to install it if it is not found on the Windows Host.

Upload the SDK installer and Import the scripts to your public files area in Kaseya under the directory “VMWare”. If you place files anywhere else you will need to edit script for the new location of files.

The script then makes a unique event log entry into the Windows Application Event Log under the Application Events that can then be picked up by Kaseya’s Event Log Monitor. When Kaseya picks up this event you can instruct the monitor to create an alarm, create a ticket, run another agent procedure or email the alarm to an address(s).  Just schedule the agent procedure to run a couple of times a day to keep an eye on your customers VMware vSphere ESXi Hardware health.

This script links to the CIM information provided by the hardware to the ESX host. You will see CPU, Memory, Fans, RAID and Controller Health. The log file that is uploaded will only show failures and will tell you what failed and on what ESX host.

Download -> Kaseya VMWare ESXi Hardware Monitor




Cubert 😎

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  1. This is uber-cool. I can’t wait to find time to look at this. We have been using a combo of ghetto scripts (for esxi free on Dell servers ESXi 5.0 and below) and the PITA vCenter alerting. Thanks for the up!

  2. TPSMC says:

    This is an epic script. Thank you for sharing this fine piece of work.

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