So you think your missing the Previous Versions Tab when you open windows explorer, right mouse click and select properties on a Windows 2003 server. The reason for this is that Windows Server Explore only supports the Shadow Copy “Revert” feature when connecting to a local drive using Windows Explorer.   To get the “Previous Versions Tab” you should access the the drive as a UNC path in Windows Explorer. The   “Previous Versions Client” is not installed under that properties feature so it does not show up until you browse using a UNC path. See examples below.

Accessing VSS using Explorer and local drive path


When you use a UNC path in explorer it provides the Previous Versions client into the properties box for you to be able to mount and restore files as needed.

VSS access via UNC Path in Explorer


So access the files using \\servername\Share    or  \\servername\D$\folder  to see the “Previous Versions Tab“.


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