{Solved} Appassure 5 -> Error occurred pairing to agent at URL

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Replay.Core.Contracts.Agents.AgentPairingFailedException: Error occurred pairing to agent at URL 

Here is several possible fixes for this type of error based on state of agent systems, Each fix is based on a given type of problem.  I will continue to post other fixes for this error type as I come across them.


New Agent Install on Windows DC or SBS server.

So you just installed an Appassure 5 core server and now are trying to protect a new Windows domain controller or maybe an Microsoft SBS server and you keep getting the following errors.

There is a quick fix that worked great for me when this happened to me during a deployment to a Microsoft SBS 2011 system. Found it to be an issue when the TLS client authentication fails between Unified Communications peers where the Configure Group Policy to ignore the list of trusted certification authorities on the computer that hosts the UC client is disabled.


Open up REGEDIT on the core and agent system and add a DWord  to following key.



Add Dword -> SendTrustedIssuerList with a value of  zero.

Now restart the core and agent services and retry to protect server.

It should connect and add new server to core as expected.


Agents Previously Paired on Another Core

If after removing an agent from protection on a Core that protects other agents, you receive an error asking you to repair the orphaned agent when you attempt to re-add it to protection on a new Core. During the repair it fails with same error “Error occurred pairing to agent at URL”  and the stack trace shows the error below.


Stack Trace Error:

Call to service method https://localhost:8006/apprecovery/api/core/agents/pairing/repairOrphan POST failed: Error occurred pairing to agent at URL ‘https://anvil-hosting:8006/apprecovery/api/agent/’

Replay.Core.Contracts.Agents.AgentPairingFailedException: Error occurred pairing to agent at URL ‘https://anvil-hosting:8006/apprecovery/api/agent/’ —> WCFClientBase.HttpUnauthorizedRequestException: Call to service method https://anvil-hosting:8006/apprecovery/api/agent/pair/connect GET failed at WCFClientBase.ClientBase.HandleResponse(Uri uri, String method, HttpResponseMessage response) at WCFClientBase.ClientBase.GetResponse(Uri uri, String method, String knownEtag) at WCFClientBase.ClientBase.ExecuteServiceCall[T](Uri uri, String method) at Replay.Core.Implementation.Agents.AgentsService.VerifyPairedAgentConnectivity(AgentDescriptor agentDescriptor) at Replay.Core.Implementation.Agents.AgentsService.AddOrRepairProtectedAgent(AgentDescriptor agentDescriptor, Boolean isOrphaned)


Follow this process to to remove the connection information in the registry of the Cores and Agents involved in the moves.

On the old and new Core servers:

  1. Open the registry editor and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\AppRecovery
  2. Verify that the agent’s registry key no longer displays this specific agent ID.

On the agent systems:

  1. Stop the Agent Service.
  2. Open the registry editor and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\AppRecovery.
  3. Export and verify that the old Core pairing is still visible under the Pairing settings.
  4. Delete the entire agent’s key.
  5. Start the Agent Service.


Now Protect the agent once again after all services have been restarted. You should not get any orphan or repair warnings and the system should complete without errors.



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