Vitals Dashboard for Labtech MSP Providers.

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Squidworks Vitals Dashboard for Labtech Software

Vitals Dashboard for Labtech Software

Download SWVDB here  -> SWVDB-0.1


Install instructions are included in the “install.txt” file inside of zip. You will need to have PHP 5.3.27 installed on you Labtech server and can be downloaded at

The purpose of the Vitals Dashboard is to get key pieces of information about the health of your client base in front of you and your techs. Each time you launch your control center your dashboard can appear in the console’s display. This brings the vital information to the forefront like Offline Servers and HitmanPro alarms.LabTech-logo


Some dashboard items are interactive and will supply more data if selected. Clicking on the HitmanPro Alarms will launch you to the HitmanPro Dashboard.hitman1

HitmanPro Dashboard

The HitmanPro Dashboard shows all the current threats found and lists them by client and computer. By clicking on the computer name you will get a detailed account of the threat alarm. At this main view level you can also see what systems were scanned in the last 24 hours  and when, displayed by client.







Hitman Pro detailed alarm viewer allows you to see in detail the cause of the alarm and what threat was found. We have color coded the alarm message and added some formatting to better display the details of the alarm from the default view Labtech offers.



Agents with excessive reoccurring logs


Agents Missing Service packs or are out of date


Agents With Disk Space or Failures


I hope this helps some of you out there.



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