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Sometimes bringing the horse to water is not enough as I was finding with some of the techs and engineers that I work with. We were once a Kaseya house and now that we were 2 years into LabTech; why was it they still seemed to want to go to several basic tools in Kaseya to get the same data that was available in LabTech? Interviewing on of my engineers I was given a simple reason and that was “he liked the view..” Well if that is all you need is a logical view of the data in a simple and easy place to find it then we can replicate that in LabTech.

In steps Agent Status

Agent Status tries to replicate the Agent -> Status view on the Kaseya RMM tool in LabTech in a simple and logical manor. We have placed a tab on the Client Console that provides a complete view of all systems and quick access to mass amounts of common data about the agents you have deployed for that client.




New in version 1.0.2

Added refresh button
Added Extend View which includes AV Scanner, Def dates, Hardware Name, Memory, Open Ports and last windows updates
Redesigned screen to expand to windows size


New in Version 1.0.4

Added Export to Excel button
Added control (Double Click) to open LT computer console
Added integrated function script so no more importing of scripts


New in Version 1.0.5

Fixed Automated data probe, now runs 3 times a day
Fixed table layout re sizing cells
Updated Interfaces.dll
Fixed launcher for computer console so a double click anywhere will launch.


Version 1.0.9


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53 Responses to “LabTech – Agent Status Plugin provides client level view of deployed agents”

  1. Shannen,

    This is a very nice simple plugin. Great view, can you add in the export to Excel feature? Thanks. Jeff

  2. Great work again Cubert!! – LOVE your work! I have 2 quick questions for ya, if you dont mind…

    1. Any chance of adding another column to this: “AV Installed”?
    (This would show the NAME of the AV installed, not just “Yes/No”)

    2. When can we expect Chocolatey v2? – Really looking forward to that… If you need me to test it… then let me know. I. Have. Lab. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks buddy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Cubert says:

    Jeffery, Sure I can add that. I might change it up and try a text file export to CSV to see if that is any faster then the VB to Excel export which we all know is slow as frozen shit rolling uphill.

    Martyn I sure can.. Will have a new version out shortly with AV added.

    As for C2, I am fairly close to a release but with all the stuff I been putting out It took a back seat. I will get on that and get a finished release out soon.

  4. You da man!! Appreciate it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Thanks man. This is awesome stuff. Don’t know where you find the time. I’m definitely going to buy you a drink next time I see you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Bryan says:

    Great plugin, When you get around to it, can you make all the corners stick to the size of the window? Keep on making sweet plugins!

  7. Cubert says:


    I’m not a cheap date, I want dinner and a movie too.

  8. Joe Moore says:

    Awesome plug-in that I just stumbled on! Outstanding. Now my help desk guys want to know if you can link the Name to the PC screen ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Cubert says:

    That should not be a big problem, We will add it to the next release

  10. New release is now out, Version 1.0.2 includes AV Scanner used, Def dates, Domain Name, Total Memory, Hardware Name, Last Windows Update and open ports

    We now expand data view to window size.


  11. Jason zHahn says:

    Cubert, just installed this and love it. Query….would it be possible to add an export to excel option?

  12. David Pegram says:

    Nice plugin! Feature request… it would be great to know if the IP address is DHCP or static. We are very new to LT so it may already be there.

  13. Michael says:

    You can have drink/dinner/movie on me too, this is great stuff! ๐Ÿ˜›

  14. Andy says:

    Looks like a great plugin – thanks!
    We’re trying to get a consensus of when machines were last seen in AD, Labtech and AV so if a machine hasn’t been on the network recently, that will explain the Labtech and the AV saying they’re not up to date and we can decommission them.

    An export to csv wil be awesome too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Spencer says:

    Hello Everyone,

    We just started working with this tool and there is a lot of helpful information. I see there is a “Failed Logins” section of the plugin. We are getting blank spots, zeros, and a couple computers show a couple of failed logins. I have tried testing it to make other computers show a failed login but I can’t figure out what it is pulling into the plugin to report the failed logins. Is there a certain event ID the plugin looks for?

    Thank you for the useful tool!

  16. James says:

    Thumbs up mate!

  17. Ted Stephens says:

    I loaded your plugin into LabTech 10. When I click refresh, I get “myStatus = Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

  18. jason from new zealand says:

    I’m getting the same error as Ted in v10.

    โ€œmyStatus = Object reference not set to an instance of an objectโ€

    Any ideas?

  19. chad brown says:

    I have the plugin working, I first got the same object ref not set error, but I ran the reload control center plugins & reload db agents plugin from the plugin menu and then closed and reopened the control center and it started working…

  20. chad brown says:

    I have an issue:
    some fields are empty, not sure why & how to fix them.
    1) Internal GW
    2) DHCP Server
    3) Failed Logins
    4) Logon Server
    5) Hot Fixes

    # 1 & 2 are very important to me..
    please advise thanks..
    I love the plugins so far, thanks for all your support !

  21. Ted Stephens says:

    Thanks Chad. That got it working for me. I have the same empty fields you do.

  22. Ted Stephens says:

    Chad, You need to schedule the “AgentStatus Collector” script. The script will populate the fields.

  23. Ted Stephens says:

    Shannon great plugin. Can you add location column?

  24. Rami says:

    Thank you

  25. Ravi says:

    Awesome plug in !! Could you please implement the “Export” option as well? Thank you !!

  26. Guys,

    Just added several new features to the plugin including Export to Excel and click to open LT computer consoles.

    Come and get it!!

  27. I also found why the scripts did not auto run and fixed and also now import script inside plugin so no need to import scripts and install plugin dll

  28. Ravi says:

    You are AWESOME Cubert !! I just found out that, you can highlight whatever you want on the agent status tab, ctr C, and paste it on excel / notepad, and it works !! Easy export without having an export button.

    But you just fixed it by having the button now !! Thank you !!

  29. Rami says:

    Thank you Cubert for this new version today!
    the Export to Excel button, and the (Double Click) function , is the exact things that we missed in old version!
    But i have one point regarding the script. in the Zip file now there are no XML file. only the DLL and TXT readme which you are talking in there about the script..
    also can you provide more clarification please regarding the script scheduling?
    Thank you again !

  30. We updated the plugin and fixed several issues… Including the table cells all jumbled up. Also fixed automated probe that was not launching correctly.

  31. @Rami, That’s the great thing about the upgrade! I added the auto install of script into the plugin and have also setup auto schedule to run it several times a day. so now you just install the dll and restart the LT dbAgent.

    Walk away and have fun. We’ll handle the rest for ya..

  32. Ted Stephens says:

    Cubert, I disable my script schedule. How do I verify that your schedule script is running?

  33. Ted Stephens says:

    Cubert, The export option assumes there is a “c:\temp” directory. I created one to get around the problem.

  34. chad says:

    i just updated the plugin, i really needed the export feature! thanks
    But…it seems there is a bug..
    -when i export, it seems the csv file is not able to deal with the data.
    -i have malformed rows where the file has multiple entires for 1 field
    -i believe this is caused from either the null value from some fields or either a field would have a value that breaks the field delimiter in csv (using excel 2013) understanding where the end of field is and next field begins so it is putting data form more that 1 row in the field

  35. Naani says:

    Hello Cubert,

    Quick question about the “Failed Logon” column. Is this showing us the number of failed logons on that particular server? The query seems to be gathering just the number of logons attempted after the last reboot. Correct me if I am wrong.

    If there is a way to find out the number of only the Failed logons, that would be wonderful !

  36. Rami says:

    Thanks for your replay.
    another thing ๐Ÿ™‚ i was wondering if you can add (Hard drive storage) column when it’s in extend view ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Naani says:

    Hello Cubert !

    Is there a way to control the Agent Status collection script schedule? I think every 4 hours is pretty aggressive. I have 5000+ agents and its just killing the other script schedules. Can you make it to run once a day please if possible? Thanks !

  38. chad says:

    I personally remove the default schedule and run it every hr for my managed pcs, and 1 per day on the managed servers. and only run it during business hrs…

  39. Naani says:

    Thanks Chad ! But this script schedule on the newer version is coming directly from the Plugin. I do see the script under scripts\Maintenance but everything is pretty much locked (Scheduled Scripts dataview) and doesn’t show any info. I will see what I can do from the DB.

  40. chad says:

    right click on scripts folder ->choose find script ->type agentstatus
    that should let you fin the script, min is in a scripts subfolder called agentstatus(i cant remember if i put it there or but then you can see where/when it is running. I apply this script on my managed windows 24×7 pc and servers on their own schedule as servers will not be changing much and pcs i want to know whats going on almost realtime for troubleshooting

  41. Naani says:

    Yup ! By default, the script goes to the Maintenance Folder. I deleted 60,000 rows of this script schedule from DB since the “Scheduled Scripts” wasn’t loading LOL ! Now, I can control the script schedule better ! Thanks for the quick reply Chad.

    BTW, were you able to dig in more info on the “Failed Logon” column? If there is a way to figure out just the Failed Logins, that would be wonderful ! I think the command that the script is using to get “Failed Logon” is the number of logon attempts made to the server after the last reboot. Thanks !!

  42. chad says:

    oh, yeah make sure to set it to ignore offline machines, that way it doesn’t pile up….

  43. Naani says:

    Yup I set to ignore. It should be good now.

  44. Naani says:

    I don’t think manually changing the script timings fixed the issue. I set the script to run on Saturdays for my agents but they run every 4 hours as the DLL is configured ๐Ÿ™‚ Every 4 hours is too aggressive for our environment considering that we have 15000 agents and its actually keeping the other scripts in the waiting list.


    Is it possible to change the time frame or give us the control to change the script timings? Thanks in advance !

  45. Ted Stephens says:


    Is it possible to change the time frame or give us the control to change the script timings? Thanks in advance !

  46. Naani says:

    I was on the updated version for a few days where the plugin has the script included. The new features are great but the script schedule is pretty aggressive. its every 4 hours. We have 15k+ agents. Because the script is running numerous times, it was actually blocking other scripts in the queue. So, I downgraded it to version 1.0.3 and I spread the script schedule across different regions at different times. Its still works for me because major changes won’t happen every night.

    But it would be great if we can control the script schedule on the new version. Also, Failed logins column is actually showing the number of login attempts I guess. Is there a way to fix it? ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks ! But I love this plugin. It comes in handy a lot of times.

  47. Roger, Allow users to set a time schedule..

  48. Elias says:

    Great tool!

    For what it’s worth I can confirm it’s showing the number of login attempts using “nltest /logon_query” and not failed logins. The only way I’ve found to be able to determine the number of failed logins is to first enable auditing and then query for the eventid.

  49. Andy Helsby says:

    I tried to find a contact page for you on this, but we just discovered 1800+copies of the AgentStatus script in Labtech that were all situated directly under the Maintenance folder. We also had over 27000 scheduled tasks for this script to run.
    I have no idea what caused this, we did recently upgrade to Labtech 10.5 and I think that is when it started but I’m not 100% positive.
    For now we disabled the plugin and removed the scheduled, pending and running scripts.

    Are you aware of any issues with LT10.5?

  50. NetOps says:

    The updated version of this plugin is actually pretty scary when it comes to script run frequency. The number of scripts that are in queued / running state is massive. I had 31000 scripts in the script queue table. I downgraded this plugin to 1.0.3. which is perfect. You can schedule the script at your convenience. You will lose some features because of the upgraded plugin but I don’t mind. 1.0.3 does give you most of the useful info. So, I stayed on 1.0.3 since then and It has been in a good shape. I schedule the script to run once a day per a certain amount of clients.

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