Near Real Time PerfMon Plugin for LabTech

On November 17, 2015, in Projects, Scripting, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)



We have created a simple tool that we query the counters on a Windows device and return that information back to the system console in near real time. In our current version we pull Disk IO, CPU, Memory and Network usage stats every few seconds until requested to stop or you close the console. With each refresh you will get the request count and current request time followed by the counter statistics for the selections you made. This application will poll for the counter and continue to refresh the information displayed every couple of seconds and will allow you to jump to other tabs and back without losing a beat. Leave the window up in the back ground and it will give you continuous counts until stopped or closed.














Version 1.0.2








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2 Responses to “Near Real Time PerfMon Plugin for LabTech”

  1. Jason Hand says:

    Cubert, love this and it will come in real handy. Wonder if there would be a way to include something like top 15 processes like TOP. I am using a PS command to do it using the Powershell plugin but it would be nice to include it here so you can see all aspects of the performance and possible cause in one step. Something like ps | sort -desc cpu | select -first 30 |ft -a

    Also, maybe a simple netstat -anb to show possible causes of network performance issues. Just a thought. This is great though and greatly appreciated.

  2. WBMRyan says:

    Another cool plugin, Cubert. One thing that concerns me is that it doesn’t stop unless the tech presses stop or closes his Control Center. Maybe it’s just me that shares a lack of faith in techs, but I wonder if it might be a good idea to put a time limit? Just a suggestion. Keep up the great work. Hopefully see you back at AN.

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