Squid Squad makes a splash

On December 30, 2015, in Projects, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)


We want you on our Plugin Development Team

Squidworks announces today the forming of a new team of engineers, developers and LabTech geeks to work on the development and testing of software for the Labtech RMM platform. This new team called the Squid Squad will be able to directly influence the direction of current development and creation of plugins for the LabTech system as it pertains to Squidworks.

We are looking for an exclusive network of IT service leaders who are committed to the continuation of innovation in automation and a willingness to test the edge of technology. If you would like to be apart of a team dedicated to the creation of tools and automation for the MSP market place then please visit http://support.plugins4labtech.com and send us a request. You will need to included your forum account name on Squidworks Support Forums, Company Name, Email, Address of your MSP along with the request.

All members will receive access to the Squid Squad private forums, Access to all free and paid plugins at no charge during betas and free or reduced cost for production (paid) software after all betas have ended. You will be part of a unique and special group that has access to Squid Squad special events held at Automation Nation and gifts of swag as we go along.

Membership is not free and is limited to a small group so you will have to work for it but I promise we wont work you to hard. As a member you will need to be able to install and use plugins developed by Squidworks on your Labtech RMM platform. You will need to exercise the features and functions of the plugins in Beta and report back any findings, concerns, feature requests and so forth. You will need to participate in the forum discussions and in any direct communications with the development team.

If you are one that gets excited when new technology arrives and want to see more out of your Labtech environment then send us a request to be one of the few that get to be on this exclusive team.




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  1. Ben says:

    This is all great stuff! if i can help let me know … we have about 800 agents, 250+ servers (exchange cluster, sql, linux, RDS clusters) and about 75+ Mac agents. Many of the servers are in our own datacenter and we have complete control.

  2. Benm Make sure you head over to http://support.squidworks.net, register a forum account and use the contact us form there to send us your request for Squid Squad.

    We will then get back with you shortly.

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