PowerShell Plugin For LabTech Gets A Facelift

On March 17, 2016, in Projects, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)


Squidworks is at it again! Taking their version 1 PowerShell Plugin for LabTech and upgrading it for Labtech 10.5 support. You know Squidworks doesn’t just stop with an update, they kick it up a notch. Version 2 PowerShell Plugin for Labtech is no different, with the addition of full sized script creation, archiving and execution support. Have a look at what we are doing for the LabTech community inside this plugin.


The PowerShell Manager

The PowerShell manager, available under the [View] menu of your LabTech console provides the ability for you to save PowerShell commands that you can later use at the computer console level. This really saves you and your team of engineers a lot of time with common and/or detailed commands by allowing them to select the name of the command and execute it.



The PowerShell Manager also provides the ability to create elaborate scripts and save them for execution at any time at the computer console; store as many scripts and commands as you desire.   Create scripts like Active Directory, Exchange, GPO’s, the list is endless!



The Console Plugin

At the console of the computer you will find the console tab “PowerShell”.   When you select this you are presented with a familiar look that yells [I am PowerShell!] Here you can enter any command you like and execute it against the PC.   Or, select from your saved list of commands and execute any saved PowerShell command in your library.



Selecting the “PowerShell Scripts” sub tab will present you with a similar PowerShell ISE environment where you can craft and execute scripts; you can create or copy in on the fly; or select from your saved scripts and execute any script in your library.  This is in near real time where you can see the results in the PowerShell terminal provided.





PowerShell Plugin for LabTech  Version 2.0.1



5 Responses to “PowerShell Plugin For LabTech Gets A Facelift”

  1. Geno says:

    When trying to add the plugin from either the LT server or a client we’re seeing an error:

    There was an error uploading the new plugin

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

  2. Antti says:

    First, love it, so handy

    @Geno: had the same issue, after searching SquidWorks forums, saw someone who stated that they couldn’t install directly on the server, but installing from a client did work and that did work for us (unfortunately it seems that it failed for you…)

    @Cubert: for the scripts tab, any chance we can get an parameters box? I often write scripts that accept parameters and would love an easy way to enter those for the rest of my team.

  3. cubert says:


    I am way ahead of ya there!! well not way ahead but ahead in this area. As soon as we built the new feature we found we needed to think about a way to pass variables to the scripts.

    This is coming in the next version release, an added prams field to add a string of variables to the execution of the script.

  4. Antti says:

    Awesome! Great to hear, our current work around of yanking out the params and defining the variables at the top so they can be edited before running is….less than ideal 😉

  5. Tim says:


    Is there a way to cut down on the frequency of scripts being run by this? It seems like the script log is polluted by P4L POSH maintenance and it makes troubleshooting or finding actual scripts that I care about seeing more difficult. Not sure why it needs to run this so often…

    Same complaint for the Patch Remedy by the way.


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