Backup Windows for LabTech gets new Offsite Synchronization features

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The Plugin4LabTech development team has let it leak out that the next version of the Backup Windows for LabTech plugin will now include Offsite Synchronization as a standard feature in all new versions. This feature allows MSPs to Offsite the local backups with schedulable Sync times keeping mirrors of the local backup directory on storage services across the internet.

Developers at P4L went on to comment that all transmissions over the internet of backup files were encrypted and secure point to point. With all the security issues abound you shouldn’t have to worry about someone scarfing up you backups.  Shannon (a.k.a Cubert) said “We are not trying to reinvent the wheel here, we are using proven technology by long standing venders. So it just works.

Plugins4LabTech has now made it so that no MSP has an excuse not to have good quality backups as part of their offerings. No longer do you need to force consumers into expensive backup services to ensure a quality backup is maintained for your clients. You can also be assured that backup are safe offsite in event of a disaster event.

Virtualize Anywhere, Backups are created using Microsoft Virtual Disk format so all backups files are VHDX files that when mounted can become a Virtual Machine or be mounted as a hard drive. This makes it a great tool for disaster recovery, mount and recover just about anywhere using the tools you have within your Windows system. No special recover tools to download and maintain which is great when the fires are raging.

Automatic backup archive usage management means you will never run out of disk space on your target backup disk making backups worry free!
After you configure a disk for a scheduled backup, Windows Server Backup automatically manages the disk usage—you do not need to be concerned about running out of disk space after repeated backups. Windows Server Backup will automatically reuse the space occupied by older backups when creating new backups. The management tool displays the backups that are available as well as the disk usage information. This can help you plan for provisioning additional storage to meet your recovery objective.



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    Is there a list of what offsite targets are supported, e.g. s/ftp, rsync, S3, et al…?

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