Office365 for LabTech Pre-Release Feature Overview

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0365Plugins4LabTech is about to release to the community it’s next generation of Office365 Management for LabTech


Plugins4LabTech has completely rewritten this plugin from the ground up. No longer are your required to go through a set of manual installs and system prep to use the plugin. No longer is your workstation tied to processing Office365 commands. No longer do you have to deploy MSOL scanners at every location that uses Office365.  No longer do you have to have a client systems collecting Office365 data. So say goodbye to all that luggage and say hello to the new and improved Office365 for Labtech.

Let’s go over some of the new innovations we have coming with this new plugin. Our biggest change comes in the form of a single pane of glass. We have moved all views into one master manager so you can flip from client to client without ever leaving the windows console you are in. This centralization does not stop at the user’s view but continues to the data collection and control systems. You now assign a single system anywhere across your MSP to manage Office365 for all your techs and clients. You can control what is collected and at anytime you can start a manual collection of data through the plugins control center.


The Control Center



The Control Center allows you to deploy all the MSOL modules you need to manage Office365 to your master scanner. If you find that you would like to use the Console Shell feature on your local workstation as well then you can select from the list of systems, your workstation PC and “Deploy MSOL Modules” to your workstation quickly. You can execute manual scans of all clients MSOL data, MSOL Statuses and more from this convenient window.  Verify when the last scans took place to know if your data is up to date and how many clients were scanned. We also monitor and display if your scanner is online and available and if we see it up to date with it’s MSOL modules. All this is done automatically when you install and add your clients. LabTech will execute scanner twice every 24 hours to keep all data up to date with the clients real world data so as to capture changes made from AAD Connect if active for clients.


Your Single Pane Of Glass



The Office365 for LabTech console is pretty strait forward, At the top you have your active Office365 client list to select any client configured for Office365. From this view you get to manage the clients Azure, Exchange, Groups, Sharepoint sites and licensing usage along with the most recent MSOL hosting statuses for each client. Once a client is selected then their list of users becomes available for selection. By selecting a user from the list each tab will reflect that users information where relevant allowing you to manage many aspects of the user’s experience. In Azure you can manage new users, user passwords, unblocking a locked out user, setting strong password requirements and enabling and disabling many other features in Azure.


Azure Groups


Quickly manage new groups and removing old groups and Add and remove users from groups without ever leaving LabTech.


Exchange Management



Easily Convert user mailboxes to shared mailboxes saving your client license usage when archiving expired employees. Setting mailbox permissions quickly like Grant Send on behalf of, read only or full access to mailboxes for any user is a snap with Office365 for LabTech. Set forwarding addresses and manage a users Out Of Office messages and activity all right inside this single pane of glass.


Manage Sharepoint



Add and remove sites  from Sharepoint. Manage Sharepoint groups and members site access.


MSOL License Management


Get access to all the license information for your clients, see what service plans exist for each license the client holds and the usage of each license. Add and remove licenses for users quickly without ever leaving your LabTech console.


MSOL Status



MSOL statuses keep you informed as to the state of the hosted services Microsoft is providing to your clients. Each client can have different status messages based on location of hosted services and the systems and services affected. These status messages are extensive and provide detailed information from Microsoft on the issues and resolutions completed.


The All Powerful MSOL Shell


Our Holy Grail, The MSOL Powershell console, Launched from Office365 For Labtech’s single pane of glass, has also been rewritten from the ground up to include module loading management, new commandlets and a clean look. If you are one for shells then this makes it easy to launch a Powershell console for access to any clients data directly from your workstations (no login information required). Run commands and scripts directly from the shell accessing all the MSOL services the client is entitled to as the tenant admin.


Our plugin has a little something for everyone, Stats and metrics for the senior staff, High level control over clients settings and global data for you engineers and access to common tech functions like password updates and removing lockouts making Office365 for LabTech a must have tool in your Labtech Tool Belts. We are not stopping there, Plugins4Labtech development team is continuously adding new features and functions to this plugin allowing the plugin to grow as MSOL services change and develop.


Office365 for Labtech will be released to the general community on Monday, June 20th for the opening of Automation Nation. If you are going to be at Automation Nation come seek me out if you would like more information on this release.

Visit for more information and downloads. Would you like to see a Demo of Office365 being used in LabTech?



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  1. Tim says:

    This looks awesome, can’t wait to try it. So my big question… will we be able to manage proxy addresses from this tool? One the the biggest pains when using Azure AD Connect is that we have to manage those attributes in the on-prem environment. We hate it, but still wan’t the password sync. Can this plugin fill the gap?

  2. Tsuky1 says:

    My plugin for 365 says it has expired license. running version
    it looks like you are up to now. I tried to download the new plugin to update, but the website is not allowing me to check out. it thrown an error.
    Are you planning on keeping this plugin free now?

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