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Magma, a Monitoring And Graphing Management Archive is a very versatile platform to monitor just about anything you can come up with. If you can get a message or a counter from the device you should be able to monitor and graph that device in LabTech using Magma for LabTech.

Magma for LabTech integrates directly into the LabTech RMM tool providing quick and upfront views of the statues of your clients and the monitors beneath them.



Follow the yellow brick road


Magma for Labtech is all about the colors and the visuals are really easy to understand. By using common colors and icons to represent a visual heath spectrum,  the monitors stand out where they may not be seen as easily in other solutions. For example, In the picture above we see “Green“, green is good but as you look further you can see both diamonds and smiley faces depicted for each client we have activate monitors for. This minor change in the visual spectrum lets you know that recent events have happened with the P4L client at some point in the last 24 hours,  where diamonds depict the nothing has changed for this client for at least 24 hours. This varying degree of good helps you quickly determine where your time and review should be spent.





When we select that client we drill into all the monitors we have set up for that client. We can then see what items being monitored have changed in the last 24 hours.




Open up a monitor and see what it has been doing over time and what it is doing right now. From our graph we can see that this system’s disk stopped getting data for a period of time last night. The Windows system was in hibernation and was not sending data back during the night.




Using the History button you can see the history of health and wellbeing of the monitors you have deployed.

Multi Graph Timelines




Reach back in time to see data graphed over a 2 year period with just 1 click of your mouse. From the monitor’s view you can access years of metrics for any monitor, drill down into the graphs using a simple drawing tool provided by each graph to get up and close to your data.



Don’t be left out in the cold



With all the different event states a monitor can be in Magma makes it easy to see what events are taking place and in which state those monitors may be in at any given time. Get Daily , Weekly , Monthly and Yearly metrics on all your monitors.




Your data on the go



Need access to your MSP’s health on the go! Get all this great data just as you would in LabTech but right on your smartphones. Never be more that a thumb press away from the health of your clients and your MSP.



It’s all about the Uptime


When a client comes asking about the availability of their website, their servers or their line of business apps what do you tell them?



Availability reports are key to knowing how well a services is performing. Being able to pull up at will the availability of any system or monitor and project back over time for that data is priceless. Even export the data out to Excel with a click of a button for usable and reportable data.




 Show me the nines

Ask any engineer about availability and they will tell you, “It’s all about the nines(9)”, like in %99.999 availability. Do you know what your availability is? Get it for any time period, at any time you like day or night, that is Magma for Labtech.





Magma for LabTech is comprised of a single MAG Server / Service and the LabTech Plugin Integration which allows full management of your environment.  The MAG server deploys a custom version of Xymon that delivers the processing and storage of your archives and the stepping point for external testing monitors like web, dns and mail services that need to have reach from the outside real world. MAG does not only probe but accepts probes allowing a very fluid ability to collect data from just about any source that has access to the Internet.  Whether you need to monitor a heat sensor in a server room or the QOS of a router Magma for LabTech can visualize it.


Magma for Labtech is still under development but from our screenshots you can see it has come quite far. A general beta may be available in the coming weeks so watch for our announcments on our site. If you have any questions, feature requests or comments feel free to post up on our forums as well.


Get Magma at

Are you left wanting more?

We thought you might be so we posted up a video preview of Magma for Labtech in action as we use it. This is just a limited view into the visual spectrum but should give you a taste of what is coming.


videoSee us on our YouTube Channel

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  1. pb says:

    Interested in this. Could you contact me via email?

  2. Zubair says:


    A suggestion would be to enable SNMP type graphing for Network Devices (using the generic Interfaces MIB) where we can setup graphing of devices. You would obviously need some sort of customisation on which interfaces you want to chose to monitor etc.

    Great Plugin though – I’m doing some testing with it now.

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