Office365 for Labtech Plugin special offer for MSPs

On February 8, 2017, in Raves, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

Access Office 365 for all your clients in a single pane of glass from inside LabTech in just a click with the all new Office 365 For LabTech plugin from the guys over at Plugins4Labtech (P4L). We here at P4L want to give all MSPs a chance to experience how having Office 365 at the techs’ fingertips can save time and money so we are offering 50% the life of the subscription if purchased in February. Just use the PROMO code TRYOFFICE365 at the checkout at You will receive 50% off your monthly subscription. The catch? We want your feedback. What do you like and what do you not like? After you take it for a spin, send your feedback to


What an incentive to come try a tool that puts control into the hands of the helpdesk!

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3 Responses to “Office365 for Labtech Plugin special offer for MSPs”

  1. Eddy says:

    Hi Cubert,
    Has the offer – TRYOFFICE365 finish now or is it still valid?
    I tried to obtain a license using that promo and it refused.

  2. It is, our guy who created the code set a limit and well it was reached. He was unaware it was to be unlimited so we have gone back and reset the code. You should be good to proceed.

  3. The Plug-in I have been using for 2.5 years now and When I installed Patch 14 now My Office 365 Labtech plug-in no longer works. Now they are going to make us pay for it NOW. Im disappointed and pissed off. Now I have to create my own PS1 files that scatter very where just to get to my Office 365 Tenents. Before when Office 365 first came out Labtech did not have any solutions to this issue until I found Squidworks plug in for Office 365. Now it appears that these companies are merging or doing something to create more revenue for this. Funny when I needed Labtech to do this in the first place they had no solutions for that and that is why I did Squidworks

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