Who’s squatting on your clients WiFi networks?

On April 27, 2021, in Projects, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)
Who's squatting on your clients WiFi networks?

Know who’s using your networks resources!

Habitat has a new tool under the client location’s console that allows you to keep track of WiFi devices on each of the clients different location’s wifi networks. 

Wifi Location Scanner

The Habitat Wifi Location Scanner retrieves from Wifi enabled agents, a current list of seen Wifi devices on the networks being accessed. The service is keeping track of when devices are first seen and when the last detected time was and weather or not the devices are actively online (pingable).

Device names maybe blank if the do not broadcast a name. However they will broadcast a net adapter company name which helps to identify the type of devices.

  • Amazon Technologies Inc. = Alexa Audio Device
  • Nintendo Co. ,Ltd = Nintendo game system
  • Google, Inc. = Google Audio Device
  • Roku Inc. = RoKu TV devices

Showing you the game systems, Audio(Listening Devices), Cell phones, TV and Smart card devices, PC, switches and routers that appear on the clients networks. See when they show up on the network, if they are still on the network and when the last time we saw them on the network.

This is all useful information when you need to know how network resources at a given location are being utilized. 

See how Habitat can help you. [Click Here]

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