Patch Remedy 5 for ConnectWise Automate?

On January 27, 2022, in Projects, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

Plugins4Automate is working on the next generation Patch Remedy plugin. A plugin which is a completely new and fully rewritten for todays issues with Windows and ConnectWise Automate patching. The advent of Windows 11 and the fact that Windows 7 official support ended in January 2020, the Patch Remedy plugin needed a new reason to live.  Days of solving Windows 7 WUA issues has passed.

Thanks to ConnectWise Automate for making a patching service that in many ways is to complicated for small and mid-sized MSPs. The learning curve to deploy, operate and maintain the patching services for ConnectWise is steep. What many MSPs want is a simple solution that automates the process of patching in a easy to mange way. A plugin that has the ability to resolve patching related issue and can quickly see the status of and control the features for the patching environment. We hope that Patch Remedy 5 fills this gap and provides patching solutions that are easier to manage. 

Why? Because Plugins4Automate makes managed services easier to manage!

Patch Remedy 5 is not publicly available yet! But that won’t stop you from getting a taste of what’s coming. Plugins4Automate has launched the support forum for Patch Remedy 5, where I hear a beta is going to be presented soon. Come have a look at new Patch Remedy 5

Patch Remedy 5 Pre Launch Forums


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