Elevate Your Software Management Game!

Are you tired of juggling different package managers for your MSP clients’ diverse environments? Look no further! Introducing Automate Package Manager for ConnectWise Automate, the game-changing plugin that unifies Chocolatey, Apt-get, Yum, and Homebrew into a single, seamless solution.

Cross-Platform Harmony: Supporting Windows, Debian-style Linux, RedHat-style Linux, and Mac OSX, Automate Package Manager brings unparalleled compatibility to your software management arsenal.

Integration Magic: Connect with industry-standard package managers effortlessly – Chocolatey for Windows, Apt-get for Debian-style Linux, Yum for RedHat-style Linux, and Homebrew for Mac OSX. All in one powerful plugin!

Centralized Control: Take command of software installations and updates across large-scale environments with ease. No more manual headaches—let Automate Package Manager do the heavy lifting.

User-Friendly Interface: Navigate through tasks seamlessly with a user-friendly interface that integrates seamlessly with ConnectWise Automate functions. Effortless software management is just a click away.

Policy-Driven Power: Customize your approach with policy-driven management. Create unlimited policies to manage deployments and updates for thousands of software packages tailored to your clients’ needs.

Linux Kernel Expertise: Manage Linux Kernel and supporting software updates effortlessly, ensuring the security and stability of Linux-based systems.

Ready to transform your MSP business? Check out the full details here and supercharge your software management capabilities today!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Upgrade to Automate Package Manager now!


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