247OnCall Tech Rotation System for Digium Switchvox and XYmon  monitoring and alerting system.

247 OnCall is a Tech rotation manager enabling you to quickly add and update tech support helpdesk rotation schedules and send out notifications to techs and engineers. The rotation manager holds the names, email addresses and phone numbers of each Tech in the rotation and uses this information when making contact with Techs during alarm states.

The notification processes are triggered by your XYMon alarms configured in the alerts.cfg file. This, in turn, launches a process that reads from the database and calls out to the first Tech in the rotation. If the first Tech fails to answer the call, a second process, which continuously reads the database, will notice that the alarm call was unacknowledged and will retry calling the first Tech. If the call goes unanswered again, it will wait five minutes and try the next Tech in the rotation and so on until the alarm is acknowledged over the phone.

When alarms come in, the OnCall Rotation Manager logs the alarm in the database and places it up on the main page. If the call was acknowledged, you will see when it was acknowledged and by whom. This display can also be used to disable, as well as delay further alarms from XYMon until the failure returns an OK or a designated time is reached. This is a great feature for those who use iPhone or iPad to view XYMon. It allows you to disable an alarm and not have that pesky java menu give you fits.

Using the IVRs in Switchvox you can create a global variable and a method to send (to URL) that global variable. This determines whether or not an alarm has been acknowledged.

When a caller selects a predefined digit during the call the IVR sends back the ID of the alarm and who answered it to the 247OnCall application. This is then stored in the database as an acknowledgement and it stops all future call for this alarm ID. If XYMon is not set, then the default is to alarm every thirty minutes, which will produce a new alarm ID and thus generate a new call. To prevent repeat calls you would set a “repeat” value in XYMon’s alerts.cfg, that would extend the amount of time between re-alarming.



Version 247OnCall-Alpha.01 has now been released and is available for the Switchvox PBX.


Get 247OnCall  ->  Download Here


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