The Microsoft Event Management and Notification System

EventID is a client/server application that collects all errors, warning and failure logs from Microsoft’s Event Logs on a timed schedule (default is 15 minutes) and delivers those events to the EventID API that should be running on a LAMP system. The EventID  management console is web based and is included with the API. The management console allows you to manage the different alerts by providing priorities to different events.  The EventID Management site uses the priorities set on any given event to decide if and alert email is needed when event comes in. The management console does a good job of managing duplicate events and provides statistics on number of systems checking in, the number of events received, the number of duplicate events received, Event ID’s, Event Source and descriptions.

EventID was designed for large server farms and/or multiple domains and multiple locations. Each system checking in should have a unique host/domain name which allows you to assign different priorities to the same log event types for different servers. What maybe a Priority 4 event on server (A) may not be a Priority 4 on server (B), EventID can account for different servers and priorities for any event.

Priority 4 Events are currently the only level we alarm on with a email but this will likely change in future versions allowing for  different levels of alerting based on any priority. After alerts start to come in you can use main console to select the system you want to view events  or unset priorities on. A new list of events will be displayed that you can use to set new priorities on. The main console displays counts for any current events, all events received and any unset priorities.


The Agent is a simple installer, when executed will display the GPL license and credits and then display a set of configurable options.




Configuration Options for client include system name and domain, the interval time the client should check in, the URL of the API and if a username and password are used for the API access. This information should match what you have setup as your LAMP system.





EventID-1.0          Windows Log Agent installer

EventID-1.0-src   Windows Log Agent Source Code

EventID-1.0-API   LAMP Website API and SQL database

EventID-2.0-API   LAMP Website API and SQL database (ver 2)

  • Updated page format
  • Added API log viewer
  • Updated API logging
  • Added eventlog manage page with mass priority updater
  • Corrected a few bugs

You will need to have php XML module installed. There is also inside of  foorter.php, there is a missing “;” at the end of line 4…This is preventing the footer from displaying. You may need to edit the footer.php file and add a semicolon to the end of line 4.  After everything is configured and running you can access the api.log file in the root of the eventID web folder for errors or issues.  Give the service 1 hour to populate the database cache tables.


Main Console


Last 24 hour View