You have a CW server that is currently on an older version of ConnectWise Automate and during your upgrade path you receive a failure during the patching of Automate. The error message: Incorrect information in file: .\labtech\microsoftnoncompliantpatchcounts.frm’

So how to fix this?

You will need to log into your Automate servers desktop and launch SQLYog or connect to server via SQLYog or MYSQL Workbench over the local network. Now before you do anything you should backup your Automate server and/or SQL databases so that you can restore back to an operational level if things go south. You should of done this prior to starting any upgrade of Automate so you should be safe to continue with fix.

Now that your connected you should be able to see the list of databases on your Automate server like the image above. If you do not already have one, create a new database called test. Next open the test database and select the Tables sub item, right click and select to Create Table. Call the new table microsoftnoncompliantpatchcounts, it can have just one column that should default to numerical column and private key, save the table. Now exit the SQL editor your using.

Next, it’s time to stop the LabMySQL services on the Automate server. Copy the file %programdata%\mysql\mysql server 5.6\data\test\microsoftnoncompliantpatchcounts.frm to %programdata%\mysql\mysql server 5.6\data\labtech\microsoftnoncompliantpatchcounts.frm and overwrite the existing file that is there. Now restart the LabMySQL Service and log back into the SQL services using SQLYog or MYSQL Workbench.

In your SQL editor open a clean query window by selecting the database you want (labtech) and then selecting new query window button. In the new query window and paste or type the following SQL command DROP TABLE IF EXISTS microsoftnoncompliantpatchcounts; The results returned should be 1 queries executed, 1 success, 0 errors, 0 warnings.

Now go execute the failing ConnectWise Automate patch and see if it now succeeds?