GhostFile -> Host File Manager plugin for LabTech

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GhostFile plugin for Labtech is a Host file manager that allows a Tech to add, update or delete host file entries from within LabTech. The client console will allow management of 1, many or all systems under the client from a single interface. The plugin will write a new host file to the systems and send a… Continue reading

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DNSWalk : Help Resolve Microsoft Windows DNS Issues And Resolution Failures

On April 9, 2013, in How-to, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

Microsoft DNS Server Cannot Resolve Some Domain Names Externally

DNSWalk is a small windows application that queries all ROOT servers and all returned Top Level Domain (TLD) servers for the FQDN requested. This allows you to see what is being returned to you from all root hint servers and all Top level DNS server.

Download -> DNSWalk-1.0

If you run DNSWalk on a Windows DNS server it… Continue reading

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Turning DNS into a weapon of mass destruction

On March 29, 2013, in Rants, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

I wanted to send out a little blurb about the latest attack on Spamhaus this week and to enlighten you on just how something like this is done. Don’t we all love to learn new things!


As a lot of you have been hearing, Spamhaus was attacked this week by the group Anonymous with what is commonly known as a DNS Reflection attack. What is a DNS… Continue reading

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You run DCDiag and it returns a failure that names can not be resolved.

testing server: default-first-site-name\mydomain
starting test: connectivity
the host 7397e120-1c8d-4f2d-b8cb-d829d16d949a._msdcs.mydomain.local could not be resolved to an
ip address. check the dns server, dhcp, server name, etc
although the guid dns name
(7397e120-1c8d-4f2d-b8cb-d829d16d949a._msdcs.mydomain.local) couldn’t be
resolved, the server name (myhost.mydomain.local) resolved to the ip
address ( and was… Continue reading

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If DNS resolves a users system and that system is no longer at that IP then you may see a Event ID 10009 in the systems event logs. Check DNS for duplicate entries first…  If you have the same computer name in DNS twice with 1 IP being correct and IP not, remove the wrong IP address.

This was a recurring error regarding a particular laptop on

How to configure Windows TCP/IP settings from the Command Prompt (CLI)

On March 17, 2011, in How-to, Scripting, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

Window’s Netsh.exe command-line scripting utility  allows you to display or modify the network configurations of any computer that is currently running a resent flavor of Windows. Netsh.exe also provides a scripting feature that allows you to run a group of commands in batch mode against a computer both locally and remotely.  You can also use Netsh.exe to save a configuration script in a text file for archival purposes or to help you configure Continue reading

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