Create new connector and assign relay permissions.

Pretty simple really,

Open your exchange power shell and enter the following cmds to create and set permissions on your new connector. Use the New-ReceiveConnectorcmdlet to create the Receive connector Anonymous Relay that listens on local IP addresses.
New-ReceiveConnector -Name “Anonymous Relay” -Usage Custom -PermissionGroups AnonymousUsers -Bindings -RemoteIpRanges

Now we must use the Exchange Shell to grant relay… Continue reading

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Cleaning Up the Exchange 2003 Server’s SMTP Queues after NDR attacks

On May 7, 2010, in How-to, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

Warning: This process will delete all email that is due to go to external recipients. Internal messages are not affected, neither are new inbound messages from the Internet unless they are from the spammer continuing to try and abuse your server.

Capturing the Messages Into a Single Queue

This process requires an SMTP connector for all addresses. If you don’t already have one (with a * on the Continue reading

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