This was a real pain and we ended up having to call Microsoft and spend several hours to resolve what seem to be a simple issue.  When running dcdiag you get an error that the NCSecDesc test failed with:
 Error NT AUTHORITY\ENTERPRISE DOMAIN CONTROLLERS doesn’t have     Replicating Directory Changes In Filtered Set  access rights for the naming context:  DC=cosgro,DC=com
Normally running adprep /rodcprep at the command line would correct… Continue reading

When using GoDaddy UCC certificate with Exchange 2010 there are some termoil on how best to do it. Here is my quick how to on using the UCC Certificates with Exchange 2010.

You shoul edit the powershell command below to reflect your domain name and sub names. Remove all from the command and insert your domain and sub domain names.
Set-Content -path “c:\temp\squidworks_net.csr” -Value (New-ExchangeCertificate -GenerateRequest -KeySize 2048 -SubjectName… Continue reading