Exchange 2007-> Adding and/or Deleting Holidays to and from All User Calendars

On January 7, 2011, in How-to, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

You can  customize the Outlook holiday file to include your own holiday information. You might choose to do this if a particular local holiday is not included in the Outlook file and you want to deploy new holiday information to a large group of people (if you just want to do this for yourself, it’s probably easier to just add events directly to your calendar).

You can open the Continue reading

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The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections. The system can not log you on. The system has reached its licensed logon limit. Please try again later.”

This problem happens because Windows only allows two remote terminal services connections when you are in administrative mode, and you’ve either got two people already on that server, or more likely, you’ve got a disconnected session that still thinks it Continue reading

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