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Keeping Connectwise Warranties Up to Date


Free of charge, that’s right! Warranty Master perform continuous warranty lookups (and updates) of your ConnectWise device assets and if you upgrade to Pro Edition you’ll also get eye-popping, masterful reports and features.

Warranty Master™ takes the guesswork out of managing warranties, generating sales opportunities for you and reducing risk for your customers and using Squidworks LabTech plugin for Warranty Master keeps that data in front of you and quickly accessible directly from your LabTech consoles.






Simple to find and navigate to, just select the Warranty Master menu from the View Menu bar.




 Version 1.0.1 now Available




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3 Responses to “Labtech Plugin – Warranty Master”

  1. Hugh says:

    Love your website! Am I dumb or is there a way to automagically sync serial numbers from LT to CW? The Labtech people said no but in 2015 I can’t believe that to be true.

  2. Matthew Wakeham says:

    Hey, I had the same issue but if you check the warranty site there’s a fix. Works a treat

  3. Mahdi Hedhli says:

    Hey, is anyone else having issues logging into Warranty Master from within the integration. I go to View -> Warranty Master. Login, credentials accepted. Yellow Banner at the top with warning IP has changed.

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