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Go Postal Microsoft Exchange Report Manager





Go Postal is a Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013 reporting plugin for LabTech that uses Powershell to generate reports on each Exchange server being managed by the LabTech RMM platform. The plugin searches all systems for Exchange server software and if it finds a compatible system it adds it to the list of Exchange servers. By selecting an Exchange server you can request the report from that Exchange server in real time and it will retrieve that report directly from the exchange server.





Plugin can be viewed on the Dashboard -> Config -> Integration -> Going Postal


Selecting the View Menu from the main menu bar and selecting Go Postal.


What you will get when running the script, is an overall overview about:

1. Exchange Servers in your organization
[Break down by AD Site]
[Info about External and Internal Web services names]
[Mailbox Count per AD Site]
• O.S version
• O.S Service Pack level.
• Exchange Service health.
• Up time in days.
• Exchange Version.
• Exchange Service Level.
• Exchange Rollup Update Information.
• Exchange Role(s).
• Number of mailboxes in case of MBX role.

2. Database Full Inventory
[Break down by DAG]
[Separate Table for Recovery DBs]
[Separate Table for Non DAG DBs]
[Table per DAG]
• DB Name.
• Server Location.
• Mailbox Count.
• Average Mailbox Size.
• Archive Mailbox Count.
• Average Archive Mailbox Size.
• Mount Status.
• DB Size.
• Storage Group Name (Pre E2010).
• White Space.
• Circular Logging.
• DB Disk Free Percentage.
• Log Disk Free Percentage.
• Last Full Backup Date.
• Backed up Since (Days) – with customized thresholds.
• Quota Info: Prohibit Send.
• Quota Info: Prohibit Send and Receive.
• DB Activation Preference Check [Is it mounted on the preferred Server?].
• DB Copy Location and Activation Preference assignment.

3. Mailbox Type Aggregated Data:
• User Mailbox Count.
• Shared Mailbox Count.
• Room Mailbox Count.
• Discovery Mailbox Count.

4. Exchange Server Aggregated Data
• Total Number of Exchange Servers break down by
i. Version.
ii. Role.

5. Mailbox Aggregated Data
[Overall Statistics for the Organization]
• Total Mailbox Count.
• Total databases Size
• Total Archive Count.
• Total Archive Size.
• Average Archive Size.



Version 1.0.2 Available




If your import of the scripts fails to create the PowerShell script in your L:\transfer\Scripts folder then you can download that script here

Get Powershell script



20 Responses to “Go Postal – Exchange Report Manager plugin for LabTech”

  1. Britt Adams says:

    I have tried this on a few servers runnign Exchange 2010 and have gotten the same error on both: ‘We are running as -> ERR:Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.’

    Any guidance?

  2. Check your permissions..

    The script logs to the script log what user it is running script as.. Make sure this user has the permissions to run the Exchange Powershell console.

    To test, login as user then open exchange shell (Not in admin mode) and change directory to c:\windows\ltsvc\gopostal\ and run the powershell script that is in directory.

    Does the output report any errors? Look for failures to write to a folder or read registry.. That seems to be the most common issues which all fall back to permissions.

  3. Do you have a default admin user setup in LT for client?

    ‘We are running as -> ERR: means you have no admin user set as default in the passwords tab of your client. Then under the location console select Deployments & Defaults tab and make sure that the “Login to use for Administration Access” is set to the user name you set in that passwords tab.

    This user needs to be an exchange and domain admin for scripts to run correctly.

  4. Britt Adams says:

    With UAC turned off it always opens in admin mode, it does work as expected running manually. The same account I ran it from is the one set as the default in Labtech for the site.

  5. cubert says:

    Are you still getting a log error -> “We are running as -> ERR”

    This is generated by running a “whoami” at the command line inside the script.

  6. Britt Adams says:

    So line 24: We are running as -> ERR:Attem

  7. cubert says:

    If you get a log message like -> “We are running as -> ERR” in script logs then you do not have the location set to use a default admin password.

    The script must run as a admin so we log who we are running as to make sure we know who we are running as. Exchange Powershell requires this so verify that you have the client and location settings set correctly in LT console.

  8. Eric Taylor says:


    Are you on the LT 10 beta? This is a know issue on that. As of this posting, the current version is 100.324. Please make sure you are on the latest version.

  9. Eric Taylor says:


    Will the next release have the possibility to export these reports from the CC? I know I can get into the LT server and get them out that way. Just to save me a couple of steps..

  10. Anders Johansson says:

    Hi Guys,
    I got everything more or less working.
    If i run the script locally in an elevated exchange prompt however running the script either through Labtech or an non elevated prompt i get access error the folder the script is creating. The account is member in both exchange admin and domain admin.

    Any thoughts?

  11. Woody Hower says:

    The link to download the script is not working. Any way someone could provide me with the script? Thanks.

  12. link is now fixed, retry your download.

  13. Woody Hower says:

    That worked, thank you. I ran this against 2 Exchange 2010 servers and 1 Exchange 2013 server. It reported the Exchange versions correctly for 2010, but reported nothing for Exchange 2013. Any idea? Thanks.

  14. Rami says:

    Hi Cuber,
    I have a simple question before i download this cool plugin. you said that the script will create custom group “Microsoft Exchange Servers”. Would you please tell me if anything will be replaced if i already have this group?
    Thank you

  15. That’s a good question, it should not but better safe and export that group as a backup in case you have to restore the settings.

  16. Andrew Morison says:

    We have been using this for a little while.. Love it..
    We were wondering if there was a way to schedule a particular server’s report to be sent via email?

    Andrew – Techno Group

  17. Ted Stephens says:

    The plugin displays a server that doesn’t have Exchange installed. How do I remove this server?

  18. Vince Gremillion says:

    Hey, thank you for the work you do, I was able to get one report from a server in April, but unable to get any new ones. I also don;t see the SCRIPT Tab has related activity,just the COMMANDS looking for the report. Any tips on this?

  19. Il y a visiblement beaucoup de choses à savoir sur cela.

    Je suppose que vous avez fait certains jolis points en fonctions aussi.

  20. Chris says:

    the download link is broken again. do you have a new link?

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