Welcome to Squidworks Open Source Software Repository

Using the menu above you can select one of many software projects we are working on here at Squidworks. All software should include SRC code and instructions on how to deploy and use the software available on this site.

Some of our project include:


MAG Server

A complete Monitoring and Graphing Server built on a LAMP system and a great base to operate many of our other software packages.


Microsoft Event ID management and alarming system


DNSWalk is a small windows application that queries all ROOT servers and all returned Top Level Domain (TLD) servers for the FQDN requested.


Digium Switchvox interface allowing for alerts to make out bound alarm calls to a tech rotation list.


Web based GUI for the XYMon system, Allowing admins to manage hosts and monitors from a web GUI using XYMon


A GUI frontend to the BBWin (XYmon) windows client.