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Version 2.0
Get -> BBWin_Gui_v2.0   or   BBWin  Gui  v2.1  or   BBWin_Gui_v2.2
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The BBWin GUI was developed due to a need to make updating and setting up a managed system for monitoring easier for techs. As I am a old Linux guy using a text editor to configure the BBWin.cfg file was common place. When I had to teach others to, not only edit but troubleshoot the files when  mistakes were made. That became a task in and of its self. BBWin GUI makes easy work of installing the latest BBWin application, setting for the first time or updating and active system. This app even saves you having to open up notepad first as a admin in Windows 2008 servers before editing and saving the BBWin.cfg file.

BBWin is a application that runs on all Microsoft Windows systems, It stats the local CPU, Memory, Disk usage, Pagefile usage, Network stats, Uptime, and many other tests that you can add-on or build yourself. This is a must have for any systems engineer responsible for a rack or more of servers. And it’s all free what a deal!

BBWin is great but without a XYmon server, MAG server or AlertOnFailure server running to store the data from the BBWin agent the application is useless. So We offer the MAG server as a prebuilt VM for Vbox and VMWare in both 32 and 64 bit ready to run out of the box. XYMon is your next best bet for large networks and general use but you must build it yourself on a *nux style system like CentOS, Redhat or Ubuntu or alike system, there are literally a hundred or more I bet just not Windows. Maybe one day someone will port some type of Windows system to use XYmon.


No installation required!

BBWin GUI is a standalone application and is fully portable to any Windows System. Drop it on a USB drive and carry it in your tool box or copy application to desktop. When you first launch the GUI it will check to see if it sees the BBWin Service installed on your client and if not will allow you to download it directly from Source Forge.

The next option will be to open an existing cfg file or download our default file.

If you select to open an existing you will be presented with a Windows Explore window to navigate to the file you want to open. If you select to download the defaults it will pull a generic file from and start you out with nothing configured. It will auto populate the system name and the default disks, CPU and memory will be monitored.

The BBWin GUI is uses a multi tab display to configure the different  areas of the BBWin.cfg file. As you navigate across each TAB, different options will be displayed for you to modify as needed. We have incorporated sliders and simple presets areas to make it easier to adjust thresholds without making mistakes to the format of the XML file. After making all your changes it is easy to save your file and watch BBWin reload automatically.


  DOWNLOAD  Here -> BBWin_Gui_v2.2

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Want the Source Code?

  BBWin_Gui_v2.0_source  or BBWin_Gui_v2.2 source