What is a MAG Server?

MAG stands for Monitor And Graphing.  MAG is a combination of Linux, XYMon and Cacti all together in a virtual appliance ready to use. All 3 are solid pieces of software but when joined together they make a great tool to manage your network infrastructure and end systems.

The Squidworks MAG server is a CentOS 5.6 Linux distribution that has a customized XYmon Monitoring and Cacti Graphing servers installed, configured and ready to use. All the dirty work has been done for you. Browse the informative splash page, there you will find all you need to deploy monitors to Microsoft  Windows and Linux networks. The “Just download a go” design will make deploying a enterprise class MAG server in your environment quick and easy. There is no need to spend your time building a solid XYMon system or a Cacti system when you can have them both with “Just a download and go”.

Visit us on SourceForge

Download MAG appliance Oracle Vbox  (SourceForge)

Download MAG appliance Vmware ESXi  (SourceForge)

Download MAG appliance Oracle Vbox    (Slower Link)

Download MAG appliance Vmware ESXi  (Slower Link)

Download MAG (x64) appliance  Oracle Vbox (SourceForge)

Download MAG (x64) appliance  Vmware ESXi (SourceForge)

MAG can support almost anything, not only do we use BBWin but there are also agents created in PERL, Java and Bash that can deliver data directly to the MAG Server. There are scripts to monitor and graph most OS’s and any network devises that supports the SNMP protocol.

You can find more information, add-on’s and script for XYMon at http://www.xymonton.org/

You can download the MAG Server OVA file from SourceForge. The OVA is an open virtual appliance and can be imported in to your favorite hyper-visor (VMware / VBox).

You may be able to convert it over to Microsoft’s Hyper-visor for those who must but Squidworks does not suggest this as Windows seems to have issues at times running anything but Windows. Use at your own discretion

If your a fan of BBWin then you will like our new BBWin GUI Tool. Follow the link to see the screenshots and to learn more about how our BBWin tool can simplify your configurations of the BBWin Agent.

Download BBWin GUI

BBWin GUI Version 2 now available