MAGMA ~ (Monitoring and Graphing Management Admin) is an Add-On to the XYmon monitoring server 4.3 and newer versions. MAGMA allows you to manage your XYmon server config files from a simple admin interface. MAGMA uses MySQL and PHP to provide a interface that manages the hosts, groups and alerts on standard or modified versions of XYmon with out changing the look or feel of your XYmon server. MAGMA also includes a Drop Test feature for each host that will allow you to drop any column from a host views.

Download MAGMA  version 0.01a

Unzip tarball and follow the README file for install instructions.

What is XYMON?

Xymon is a tool for monitoring servers, applications and networks. It collects information about the health of your computers, the applications running on them, and the network connectivity between them. All of this information is presented in a set of simple, intuitive webpages that are updated frequently to reflect changes in the status of your systems. Xymon is capable of monitoring a vast set of network services, e.g. mail-servers, web-servers (both plain HTTP and encrypted HTTPS), local server application logs, resource utilization and much more. Much of the information is processed and stored in RRD files, which then form the basis for providing trend graphs showing how e.g. web server response-times vary over time.



Screen Shots of MAGMA on XYMon

Manage Groups

Manage XYmon hosts


Edit Host Tests


Manage Alarms


Look for New Menu in XYmon



MAGMA uses special code to grab the current format of your look and feel so if you have a custom XYmon web and want to maintain that look and feel then you should not need to do anything. MAGMA will pickup your look and feel automatically.


MAGMA has not adopted all possible monitor types yet so some 3rd party external tests may not be displayed in the external test list.  Our next version will allow you to custom build your external tests list to fit your needs outside of the defaults XYmon provides.