Patch Remedy Pushes WUA Version 7.6.7601.23775 to Windows 7 and 2008 R2

On May 24, 2017, in Raves, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

Today Plugins4Automate released Build for Patch Remedy for ConnectWise Automate / LabTech. In this new build they have re worked how they update the Windows 7 and 2008 R2 systems making it more streamline as they raise the level of WUA version between each rollup Microsoft has released.

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[LabTech] IPBlock Windows Firewall plugin.

On June 12, 2014, in How-to, Projects, Scripting, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

Block entire countries from seeing your PC on the Internet


Squidwork’s garage has released version 1 of their new IPBlock for Labtech RMM. IPBlock is a Country based Network Firewall plugin for Windows based systems. When deployed you can select different countries you do not want to have access to your IP address for any Windows Vista / 7 / 2008 or new system and block them from… Continue reading

How to Install Printers in Windows 7 WITHOUT Local Admin Rights

On September 10, 2012, in How-to, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

Microsoft made some changes to the network printing security in Windows 7 and as a result, many non-admin users are not able to install network printers with an Access Denied message.

I did some research on this today, and found a solution.  We just need to make a new GPO on the domain level for each client network that is experiencing this problem.  These are newer GPO extensions, so… Continue reading

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Who has not started a RDP session to a Windows 2008 Server or Windows 7 system and had the previous domain credentials popup as the default login for the next system you touch. Well if you are like me and touch many different customers each day then you have no doubt had the login for your Windows 2008 terminal session show the log on of the previous domain that your were logged… Continue reading

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[Solved]-Windows Easy Transfer Won’t Connect Between Systems Across The Network

On September 28, 2011, in How-to, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

How to get your Windows Easy Transfer to work over the Network.

This is a very common issue, I seem to hit the never ending “Trying to Connect” cycle of death on just about every other time I use Windows Easy Transfer. It doesn’t matter if your doing a transfer from XP to 7 or from 7 to 7, I’ve seen it time and time again.

I foung the… Continue reading

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Windows has 2 default gateways set and the first is which is causing network failures

You may have installed a new Windows 2008 server or Windows 7 workstation with a static IP address but networing outside your localnet fails. After you investigate you find by running “ipconfig” that there is 2 default routes listed. You see first and then you see your real default router IP address below the… Continue reading

Winsock 2 accommodates layered protocols. A layered protocol is one that implements only higher level communications functions, while relying on an underlying transport stack for the actual exchange of data with a remote endpoint. LSP  aka Layered Service Provider can be a security layer that adds protocol to the connection establishment process. An example of an LSP is the Microsoft Firewall Client Service Provider installed as part of the Internet… Continue reading

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Ever get this when logging in to a Vista or Windows 7 system?  I seem to get it all the time, here is how to quickly fix it. By the way that is not a typo in my subjectline but how the error shows up when you try logging in. Not sure why but I am guessing that “User Profile Service is a Service and thus the “User Profile Service Service”  as… Continue reading

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Windows 7 – Add a non-indexed UNC path as a library

On February 11, 2011, in How-to, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

Add a non-indexed UNC as a library in Windows 7

There is an occasion when you may want to add a non indexed UNC path to a library inside of your Windows 7 system. Normally Windows bitches and complains when you try to hook up a UNC path that is not indexed but by tricking it we can make it happen. Here is how you do it.
1. Create a Continue reading

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Domain user log on to windows with fingerprints is disabled.

On March 24, 2010, in How-to, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

Although GPO can manage this setting, by default it is off.  To get your Windows 7 systems to allow domain user login using biometrics (fingerprint) support follow the directions below.

Adding Domain log on access for Biometrics

Goto -> Control Panel ->All Control Panel Items ->Biometric Devices

Select: Change Biometric Settings

Select both:
Allow users to log on to Windowsd using their fingerprints
Allow users to log on Continue reading

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