XYMON -> New BBWin Client GUI 1.1 Released.

On August 16, 2011, in Projects, Scripting, by Cubert aka (Cube Dweller)

Are you looking for a BBWin Client GUI to configure BBWin.cfg?

Can I see by raise of hand how many of you out there wishes for a good BBWin GUI so you don’t have to edit a that bloody XML file. I am having to flip between Wordpad, Task Manager and the Services console to place in the services and processes I want to monitor on my Windows hosts and that was such a pain.

So out comes BBWin-GUI!

Download file –> BBWin-GUI-1.1


BBWin is an open source client for Windows working with BigBrother or Xymon(Hobbit) monitoring software. We also have a custom VM appliance with XYmon and Cacti pre installed and ready to go. See MAG Server here on Squidworks for more information.

Our new BBWin GUI will read in your current BBWin.cfg file and then allow you to edit it. It provides all the services and processes running on your system and pulls all the unique event logs so  you may choose what to accept and what to ignore. Inside the new BBWin-GUI you will find your local disks and the ability to exclude disks as well as set the thresholds for warnings and panics.  Checkout some of the screen shots below.  Download and try BBWin GUI.















As always I hope this little app helps someone out there.



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5 Responses to “XYMON -> New BBWin Client GUI 1.1 Released.”

  1. Greg Shea says:

    Pretty slick, but I didn’t see anything about multiple Xymon/BB servers or pagers

  2. Andrew says:

    Nice – been thinking of doing this for ages but am too lazy 🙂

    Would be nice if Services could show Status and Startup Type plus be sortable by Name, Status and Startup Type as it is in the Services MMC.
    Otherwise, is great. Thanks

  3. Oliver says:

    Great start, good idea, easy to use!
    We found it and start train local site admins to setup their local monitoring requirements… and failed. tags get removed, external scripts and messages items being in the bbwin config file before get somehow entered multiple times. And a line about a second display server also get removed. Due to this, it’s not usable right now…

  4. dillagr says:

    this is a nice addition to bbwin. keep up the good job!

    are the options here applicable to bbwin in central mode with xymon?

  5. Cubert says:

    We now have a much better version 2 available with out all the presets and does not wig out. It is much faster and now will prompt for bbwin downloads if bbwin not installed, has a add services by all active or all automatic ability. See http:\\ http://www.squidworks.net/tag/bbwin

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