XYMON – ESX Hardware Health Monitor

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Grab the Hardware Health of your VMware vSphere ESXi Host

Here is RC1 of my ESX Health Script for the XYmon monitoring server, not to be compared to the ESXi script going around for VM and Snapshot Health.  ESXHealth monitors the physical health of the hardware running the ESX hyper-visor  This script uses the xymoncgimsg.cgi to send status reports from a remote network to your XYmon Display Server thus allowing you to monitor ESX Host from anywhere really easily. Using this CGI allows you to run it from any windows box and send the notifications through port (http) friendly firewalls.

The only prereqs are, you must have installed the VMWare vSphere Perl SDK and have installed CURL or place the curl-nossl.exe provided in zip in the your PATH on Windows. Your XYmon server must have the xymoncgimsg.cgi moved from the xymon/server/bin folder to your xymon-cgi folder to allow web based status messages.

I have include the curl-nossl portable EXE with zip. Just drop it in the path for windows so you can call it by name. You will need to edit the script and update the URL to send the notifications to. I show an example in the script on how to use with a htpasswd protecting your web CGI for thoes who use that layer of security. If not then just place the standard URL for your xymoncgimsg.cgi and your good to go.

The script is very simple.

If all is good you get a “All’s OK” else if anything is bad it spits out any relevant info about that issue. The last error I got was for redundant Power lost to Supply 1 and was reported with plenty of detail to know what is wrong.

Just schedule windows to run every 15 minutes or so, see script for command line syntax for task scheduler

Download  -> ESXHealth-1.1  Monitor for XYmon


The monitor will look like the following examples: (Never mind my XYMon theme)





I hope this helps someone out there.

Cubert 😎

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  1. dns says:


    Keep getting error:

    Name “main::opts” used only once: possible typo at c:\temp\ESXHealth-1.1.pl lin

    I’m executing this om a vCenter machine with vsphere SDK and CURL installed.

    Please help…

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