Chocolatey is now moderated

Chocolatey has been a major contributor to automated package management for several years and has been used by thousands of MSP to quickly deploy and maintain common user software like Java, Flash and Adobe. Up until just recently the public repository of software was not managed and the software available went un-vetted. This made using Chocolatey some what risky as you could introduce a poison pill into your networks,  this has all changed with Chocolatey’s introduction to moderated public repositories.

The community feed, which is found at, is a moderated feed. That means all new versions of packages are human reviewed prior to approval to check for safety, quality, and correctness. There are alsotrusted packages, which only go through automated moderation review and bypass human review as they are coming from trusted sources and/or the software vendors themselves.

We have the software

With over 3500 unique software packages available for deployment Chocolatey is by far the largest repository of Windows software and updates available. Over 35 million downloads makes it one of the fastest growing Application Management platforms in the world.

Chocolatey works in LabTech

Squidworks has developed  LabTech plugins to use with the Chocolatey Framework that allow for the fully automated management of software installs and updates. Visit for more information on LabTech integration.

Paying big bucks for AppCare or Ninite?

How would you like an easy flat fee approach to deploying and managing your clients software? Paying per agent fees to deploy software will get expensive with these solutions but ours takes the pain out of your pocket book. Check out Chocolatey for Labtech and get unlimited agents for a single and inexpensive flat monthly fee.